“Why are you always hitting people?” — The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Ang Lee Hulk was one thing lower than a howling success. It did decently sufficient on the field workplace, however the phrase of mouth was fairly horrible, and the film was deeply flawed. (It additionally led to a ridiculous variety of comics followers with little information of flicks deciding that Lee, one of many best administrators alive, was a horrible director.)

Considered one of Marvel Studios’s first orders of enterprise was to get the rights again to the Hulk, although Common retained the distribution rights. The similar summer time that noticed the discharge of Iron Man additionally gave us one other new interpretation of the Hulk.

Producer Gale Anne Hurd referred to The Incredible Hulk as a “requel”—half reboot, half sequel. If you ignore a number of the particulars within the montage over the opening credit (this being the uncommon MCU film that has its opening credit on the precise starting of the film the place they’re rattling nicely presupposed to be), you might view this as a sequel to the 2003 movie, even with everyone re-cast, although it has extra aggressive ties to the bigger Marvel oeuvre, with references to Stark Enterprises, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the super-soldier serum that created Captain America.

Nevertheless, this film additionally was very a lot meant to be a part of the nascent Marvel Cinematic Universe, full with a cameo by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark having a dialog with Basic Ross.

Director Louis Leterrier, of The Transporter fame, had needed to direct Iron Man, however Jon Favreau already had the gig, so Marvel provided him the Jade Big as an alternative. Leterrier discovered most of his inspiration from the Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale Hulk: Grey miniseries, whereas screenwriter Zak Penn (whose writing work has already been seen on this rewatch in X2, X-Males: The Final Stand, and Elektra) was impressed by Bruce Jones’s then-current run on the Incredible Hulk month-to-month comedian.

Edward Norton was introduced in to play Bruce Banner, and his contract included being concerned within the writing, so Penn’s script acquired vital rewrites from Norton as filming went on, although Norton acquired no credit score for it.

The script was designed with sequels in thoughts. Ross was already an antagonist, and this film added Emil Blonsky, a.okay.a. the Abomination, and in addition launched the character of Samuel Sterns, with the character’s ultimate scene within the film setting him as much as develop into the Chief. These three have always been the most important foes of the Hulk, the latter two particularly being different regular people mutated by gamma radiation. Each have been altered from their four-color roots, nevertheless. Blonsky was modified from a Soviet spy to a Russian-born British soldier, whereas Sterns was a easy janitor within the comics, however a mobile biologist within the movie (which type of defeats the aim, as the entire concept of the Chief is that somebody who was a not-too-bright guide laborer acquired became the neatest individual on the earth). The design of the Abomination can also be much less reptilian than the comics model.

The forged additionally consists of William Harm as Ross, Liv Tyler as his daughter Betty, Tim Roth as Blonsky, Tim Blake Nelson as Sterns, and Ty Burrell as Dr. Leonard Samson (one other comics character). Lou Ferrigno additionally supplies the Hulk’s voice, most of which is incoherent shouting, but in addition consists of three strains of dialogue (certainly one of which is, in fact, “Hulk smash!”). Harm is the one actor to reappear in any subsequent MCU movies, as Ross is seen in each Captain America: Civil Conflict and Avengers: Infinity Conflict, having been appointed U.S. Secretary of State (although composites of Ferrigno’s shouting was used for the Hulk within the first two Avengers films). As well as, there are cameos by two different individuals who have performed Banner on display: Paul Soles, who voiced Banner within the 1966 Saturday morning cartoon, performs the pleasant proprietor of a pizza parlor close to Culver College, and the late nice Invoice Bixby is seen when Banner is watching The Courtship of Eddie’s Father early within the film.

Norton himself would solely seem on this movie, changed by Mark Ruffalo, who will go on to play the half in Avengers, Iron Man three, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Infinity Warfare and its forthcoming sequel. Although Norton’s movie did completely nicely on the field workplace, just like the 2003 movie, it didn’t fairly hit all of the notes with viewers (definitely not on the identical degree as Iron Man, which took the world by storm that very same summer time). As well as, Common nonetheless has distribution rights to the character. In 2008, this was much less of a problem, as Marvel Studios’s different movies have been distributed by Paramount, however every little thing was nonetheless managed by the small studio. As soon as Marvel was bought by Disney, that dynamic modified, and that hyperlink to Common (which hasn’t been severed as a consequence of Common controlling theme park rights) has mixed with the lukewarm reception each Hulk movies have acquired to maintain the large man a supporting character quite than a headliner.


“He protected her; you almost killed her”

The Incredible Hulk
Written by Zak Penn
Directed by Louis Leterrier
Produced by Avi Arad and Gale Anne Hurd and Kevin Feige
Unique launch date: June 13, 2008

Over the opening credit we get a montage of pictures displaying the Hulk’s origin. Dr. Bruce Banner topics himself to an experiment (whereas sitting in a chair that appears remarkably just like the one Invoice Bixby sat in in 1977), in collaboration with Dr. Betty Ross. One thing goes mistaken, and Banner transforms into an enormous inexperienced monster who trashes the lab, places Betty in a coma, and badly injures Betty’s father, Basic Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

Banner goes on the run and ultimately winds up in Brazil, working as a bottler in a soda manufacturing unit, sometimes fixing issues for the boss, however refusing a promotion to one thing extra consistent with his scientific expertise. At one level he’s reduce, and he bleeds on the bottles. Banner panics and stops the manufacturing line lengthy sufficient to wash it up, however he misses one bottle that’s stained together with his blood.

For a while, Banner has been having safe on-line chats with a “Mr. Blue,” a scientist at a college in New York Metropolis, who refers to Banner as “Mr. Green.” They’ve been engaged on a remedy, however nothing has labored. Banner ultimately agrees to ship Blue a pattern of his blood.

Ross has been looking for Banner for 5 years now. S.H.I.E.L.D. studies an occasion of gamma poisoning from a soda bottle (suffered by a drinker of stated soda who seems identical to Stan Lee). Ross has his individuals hint the place the soda was bottled and when he learns it’s Brazil, he orders a search to see which manufacturing unit has any white staff.

A colleague assembles a commando group for Ross, led by Emil Blonsky, a Russian-born Royal Marine on mortgage from the UK. They journey to Brazil to seize Banner, chasing him by way of the streets, capturing at him within the open, and usually violating all types of worldwide regulation. Banner manages to remain forward of them for some time, however ultimately his coronary heart price goes up excessive sufficient that he finds himself reworking into the Hulk. He makes very brief work of the commandos—at one level, he throws a forklift at Blonsky—after which he leaps away.

By the point he calms down sufficient to revert to Banner, he’s in Guatemala. He must get Blue all the info on the experiment anyhow, so, since his life in Brazil is fairly properly burned, he spends the subsequent two-and-a-half weeks working his method slowly again to Culver College in Virginia.

Banner is buddies with the native pizza parlor proprietor, who provides him a spot to remain and a few pizzas so he can bribe the safety guard (who seems identical to Lou Ferrigno) to get upstairs to the lab and replica the info on the experiment. Besides, to his frustration, the info is all gone from the server.

He returns to the pizza place solely to come across Betty, together with Dr. Leonard Samson, the psychiatrist she’s courting. They’ve a tearful reunion, and she or he brings him house (it isn’t clear how Samson feels about that) to disclose that she put the info from the experiment on a flash drive earlier than it was erased.

Blonsky needs to find out about this huge inexperienced dude who threw a forklift at him, and Ross explains that Banner and Betty have been engaged on a undertaking for the U.S. Military involving gamma radiation making an attempt to re-create a super-soldier serum from World Warfare II. (The phrases “Captain America” are by no means spoken.) Blonsky—who’s pushing forty—talks with Ross about how irritating it’s that he has all this expertise in a physique that isn’t in nearly as good a form because it was 20 years earlier. Ross provides him a method to obtain that…

Ross tracks Banner to Culver’s campus they usually assault him. Blonsky, with a model of the super-soldier serum coursing via his veins, does a a lot better job of holding his personal towards the Hulk, however he nonetheless will get his ass kicked, as do the remainder of them. The battle ends with Blonsky getting kicked right into a tree, breaking each bone in his physique.

Betty runs into the center of the sector of battle simply as missiles are fired on the Hulk, to Ross’s horror. The Hulk protects her and leaps off together with her unconscious type and takes her to a cave to guard her from the rain.

Ross questions Samson as to the place they could go, however Samson isn’t inclined to assist the one that virtually received Betty killed seize the man who saved Betty’s life. In the meantime, Betty and Banner head north to New York to satisfy up with Mr. Blue. En route, Banner borrows a PC in a fuel station workplace and e-mails the info to Mr. Blue. Sadly, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s scrubbing program finds the e-mail and alerts Ross’s individuals.

They arrive to satisfy Mr. Blue, actually Dr. Samuel Sterns, a microbiologist. They experiment on Banner, making an attempt to determine a solution to negate the change. It really works—he transforms, he’s injected with the serum, and he reverts again to Banner. However Sterns isn’t positive if this simply reversed that present change or cured him completely. As they talk about the experiment, Banner is appalled to study that Sterns synthesized extra of Banner’s blood and has been testing it on lab animals. Banner needs all of it destroyed to stop any risk of Ross weaponizing it, however earlier than they will argue additional on the topic, Ross’s individuals assault—led by Blonsky, who has utterly healed from his accidents.

Banner and Betty are captured. Blonsky bullies Sterns into giving him an injection that may flip him into the identical type of creature, however Sterns warns him that it’d combine weirdly with the super-soldier serum. Blonsky doesn’t care—and neither does Sterns, he simply needed Blonsky to offer knowledgeable consent.

Blonsky turns into an enormous yellow creature with a jutting backbone, and he leaves after smashing Sterns’s lab. Within the destruction, a vial of Banner’s blood is shattered, and his blood spills onto an open wound of Sterns’s, inflicting his skull to shift and undulate, virtually as if it’s getting ready for a sequel…

Inside moments, Blonsky is trashing all the things in sight. Ross, realizing he’s created a monster (ahem), reluctantly agrees to let Banner cope with it. There’s a second of worry after he jumps out of the helicopter that Sterns actually did remedy him. However no, he modifies into the Hulk and the 2 of them tear the shit out of Harlem for, um, some time earlier than the Hulk manages to wrap an industrial chain round Blonsky’s neck and choke him out.

Banner buggers off to British Columbia, Betty makes it clear that she by no means needs to talk to Ross as his daughter once more, and Ross goes to get drunk. He’s met at an Military bar by Tony Stark, who says he’s placing a workforce collectively…


“Is that all you got?”


They’ve been telling Hulk tales in comedian e-book type since 1962. On display, they acquired 5 years’ value of TV exhibits, in addition to 5 films, out of the character as performed by Invoice Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

So I’m actually unclear as to why they felt the necessity to inform the identical film yet again.

For all of the speak that this was a reboot they usually have been going to maneuver previous the origin, and all the remaining, Incredible Hulk winds up hitting just about the identical beats as Hulk: Banner turns into Hulk, Banner is chased by Military, Banner is captured by Military, Banner has city-damanging climactic battle towards one other CGI monster, Banner will get away in the long run, Betty is super-pissed at her Dad.

The important change, in fact, is the removing of Banner’s father, which could be very a lot a change for the higher. The largest drawback with Hulk was mistaking it for a film about Banner père relatively than Banner fils, as Nick Nolte sucks all of the life out of the film. However with out that psychological hit, we don’t have something that really makes Banner fascinating. Norton simply performs Banner as a random dude who occurs to show into an enormous inexperienced rage-monster, however there’s no sense of character right here. Technically, changing the charisma-free Eric Bana with Norton is buying and selling up, nevertheless it’s not buying and selling up sufficient, as Norton’s greatest mode is because the calm, normal-seeming man.

Worse, there’s no sense of torment. Norton’s Banner is simply bland and uninteresting and unconvincing. There’s no there there. He ought to be frightened and haunted, and as an alternative he’s only a man on the run who occurs to have excellent methods of profitable fights.

Liv Tyler deserves higher than what the movie provides her. Each her Betty and Jennifer Connelly’s Betty from 5 years earlier have been rewritten as scientists (within the unique comics, Betty has no position aside from that of Ross’s daughter, a prize to be fought over by Banner and Main Talbot in a tiresome love triangle; yay, the 1960s), however whereas Connelly satisfied me she was a scientist, Tyler by no means did. (Truthfully, Norton by no means did, both—except for fixing a widget within the manufacturing unit, there was zero proof anyplace on this film that Norton was enjoying one of many best minds of the Marvel Universe.) Then once more, Tyler by no means received the prospect to, as she spends the whole film staring wide-eyed at Banner and shouting his identify quite a bit and doing rattling little else.

On the very least, the CGI has improved, although I want they hadn’t used Dale Keown’s vein-popping, hypermuscled-even-by-the-Hulk’s-standards model of the Hulk because the template, as I always discovered Keown’s interpretation to be a bit OTT. (Sure, I do know he’s an enormous inexperienced rage monster, so the highest is already fairly excessive, however work with me right here.) On the very least, I used to be satisfied that the Hulk had mass and weight. The sequence when he lurks menacingly within the manufacturing unit the primary time we see him is a really efficient motion sequence from Leterrier (although one expects that from the director of the Transporter films).

This can be the one MCU film during which the villains are considerably extra fascinating than the heroes. William Harm—for all that he’s nowhere close to as good for the position as Sam Elliott was—does a superb job displaying Ross’s obsession and single-mindedness. Tim Roth exhibits Blonsky’s eagerness to be the highly effective soldier he was in his youth, although he stops being fascinating the second he turns into the Abomination. And Tim Blake Nelson’s goofball mien superbly obscures Sterns’s sociopathy, and my one remorse in our by no means getting a sequel is I might like to see Nelson do the Chief.

This film was sort of misplaced within the shuffle of Iron Man and its sequel, and by the point we noticed the Hulk once more, he was being performed by yet one more actor and most parts of the film have been ignored, the jolly inexperienced big himself decreased to a supporting character. It’s actually too dangerous they didn’t attempt to do a unique Hulk film.


Subsequent week, we get our third film in a row that has Robert Downey Jr. in it, plus Scarlett Johansson debuting the Black Widow, in Iron Man 2.

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