The Red Roots of the ‘Green New Deal’: Part 2

This text is Part 2 of a two-part collection on the “Green New Deal.” Also see ‘Green New Deal’ Might Plunge the World Into Conflict: Part 1.

Requires a “Green New Deal” are quickly constructing on the U.S. left. Promoted by brazenly socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), the proposal calls for mass wealth redistribution, a federal jobs program, socialized well being care, guaranteed minimum incomes, and the elimination of all fossil fuels from the U.S. financial system by 2030, all in the identify of preventing “climate change.”

In actuality the Inexperienced New Deal is a deeply socialist plan formulated and promoted by bona fide communist groups.

The Inexperienced New Deal, which just a few years ago would have been labelled as crackpot utopianism, is heralded on the left as a critical program for addressing environmental points and social inequalities.

Thus far, more than 45 leftist Democrats in Congress have endorsed the venture, together with doubtless 2020 presidential candidates Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and declared presidential candidates Sens. Kamala Harris (D.-Calif.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). Former presidential candidate Al Gore has referred to as the Inexperienced New Deal “part of the answer to global inequality.”

Thus far House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has balked at Ocasio-Cortez’s call for a Congressional Choose Committee on the Inexperienced New Deal—but the concept nonetheless has momentum.

Christy Goldfuss, who was the managing director of the Council on Environmental Quality underneath President Barack Obama and now leads the power and environmental workforce at the Democratic Get together’s assume tank the Middle for American Progress, informed the New Yorker that she had observed the Inexperienced New Deal’s affect on senior Democrats.

“People are asking how are we going to address climate change at scale, not what’s our building-block approach,” Goldfuss stated. “For me, that is a huge, huge shift, and it would not have happened if the Green New Deal had not come along.”

The Inexperienced New Deal, which “has come to define the progressive cause in Washington,” in response to the New Yorker, has existed in several types for years. The proposal echoes a United Nations Setting Program (UNEP) report from October 2008, when UNEP’s Government Director Achim Steiner unveiled the International Inexperienced New Deal initiative, which aimed toward reworking the world’s financial system and combating climate change by means of creating jobs in “green” industries. The Green Social gathering USA has additionally promoted a Inexperienced New Deal, which incorporates large defense cuts, for several years.

Significantly, the Manhattan-based Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) has discussed the idea since no less than 2013.

“A Green New Deal is concerned with a just transition to a more sustainable economy, with improved provision of public services, and with strict regulation of polluters and financial speculators. While there is much promise in this approach, it contains unresolved contradictions and has been blocked by hostile forces. Moreover, it is unclear whether this agenda is adequate to the challenge posed by climate change,” said the introduction to an RLS report.

“Building green socialism may be the only way to emerge from this time of crisis with a society that treads lightly on the earth while enabling a full range of human flourishing.”

The RLS is the American affiliate of the Berlin-based Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, an entirely owned affiliate of German political get together Die Linke (The Left)—a direct descendant of the former Stalinist East German Communist Get together. The RLS works intently with the United States’ largest Marxist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and the pro-China Freedom Street Socialist Group (FRSO), as well as the Communist Social gathering USA (CPUSA), all of which are absolutely behind the Inexperienced New Deal.

Who’s Behind the Green New Deal?

The present Green New Deal exists in its “most authoritative form” as an 11-page Google Doc, in line with the New Yorker: “The document was written over a single December 2018 weekend by the staff of the freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three like-minded progressive groups: the Sunrise Movement, a grassroots climate organization; the Justice Democrats, which recruits and supports progressive candidates; and an upstart policy shop called the New Consensus.”

All three of these teams are spin-offs of a New York Metropolis-based revolutionary training organization referred to as “Momentum.”

In response to Momentum’s web site: “We see two dominant traditions of organizing in the United States: structure-based organizing and mass protest. In the structure-based custom, developed by Saul Alinsky and others, organizers begin with one-on-one relationships to develop management and construct a base that can advocate for the needs of specific constituencies. Construction-based organizations, resembling group organizations and labor unions, make instrumental demands, using the base’s leverage over policymakers to win concrete reforms for his or her members. Against this, in the mass protest custom, autonomous teams of people create polarizing moments that inspire hundreds of unaffiliated individuals to take to the streets around symbolic, in style social points.

“The Momentum model fuses the strengths of the structure-based organizing and mass protest to seed a new tradition of organizing in the United States. Momentum synthesizes the lessons of various 20th century movements, including the Color Revolutions of Eastern Europe and the Arab Spring in North Africa.”

Momentum boasts of coaching activists from groups “doing some of the most important movement-building” in the United States, together with “Black Lives Matter, Dream Defenders, BYP100, United We Dream, Showing Up For Racial Justice,, National People’s Action, PICO, and more.” All of these teams are entrance groups or shut associates of the FRSO.

The Sunrise Movement, with established teams in several major cities, is the essential cheerleader for the Green New Deal. Dawn has heavily recruited activists from the DSA- and FRSO-affiliated teams, akin to the Pennsylvania Scholar Power Community.

As an example, Stephen O’Hanlon is a former member of the Pennsylvania Scholar Energy Network and founder and nationwide subject director of the Sunrise Movement.

The Sunrise Movement is brazenly endorsed by the DSA and a number of other FRSO-affiliated teams, together with Bay Space-based Green For All, which was based by one-time Maoist and former Obama administration “green jobs czar” Van Jones.

The Justice Democrats, then co-run by Ocasio-Cortez (earlier than she decided to run for Congress and be a part of the DSA), backed dozens of far-left Democrats in the last election cycle, electing seven of them. Over 40 % of their 78 endorsed candidates have been both DSA members or endorsees. A number of more have been from the FRSO or CPUSA orbits.

The Justice Democrats additionally partnered intently with Brand New Congress, which is ruled largely by DSA members.

New Consensus supplies the theoretical backbone for the Inexperienced New Deal.

In line with E&E News: “A coverage group is being shaped to help an energized progressive movement that’s taken Capitol Hill by storm underneath the management of Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

“It’s referred to as the New Consensus.

“The 501c(3) nonprofit is in the process of being shaped to offer a policy platform that may underpin the formidable—and more and more politically widespread—Inexperienced New Deal aimed toward weaning the United States off fossil fuels, boosting renewables and clean power jobs, and building a ‘smart’ grid.

“Entrance and middle shall be Rhiana Gunn-Wright, a 29-year-old Yale graduate and Rhodes scholar who will serve as the group’s coverage director working to flesh out particulars of the plan.“

Gunn-Wright was a coverage staff intern for former first woman Michelle Obama. In 2018, she served as policy director for the far-left Abdul El-Sayed in his unsuccessful gubernatorial run in Michigan. Gunn-Wright put together a “uniquely comprehensive suite of policy proposals, including a commitment to establishing a $15 minimum wage; tuition-free college for Michiganders with family income under $150,000; aggressive criminal justice reform; and the most detailed state-level single-payer health care plan ever,” in accordance with The Intercept.

El-Sayed’s Deputy Campaign Supervisor Claire Sandberg traveled to Germany in September 2018 with DSA member and RLS staffer Winnie Wong. The pair held a gathering in the German Bundestag with members of the crypto-communist group Die Linke.

Sandberg was additionally a founder of another short-lived Momentum spinoff, “We Will Replace You,” which aimed to target “centrist” Democrats not on board with the far-left’s agenda. One of her fellow co-founders, Waleed Shahid, was a Momentum chief, spokesman for the Justice Democrats, and served as policy director on Cynthia Nixon’s DSA-endorsed campaign for governor of New York.

FRSO Basic Secretary Sendolo Diaminah served as an official “adviser” to We Will Exchange You.

The Green New Deal is a completely socialist program conceived of and promoted by communists.

The DSA, FRSO, and CPUSA are all behind the Inexperienced New Deal. Even the Stalinist League of Revolutionaries for a New America, which helps North Korea, Iran, and the Russian annexation of part of the Ukraine, has backed the plan.

It’s not shocking that communists are behind the Green New Deal. What is surprising is how many Democrats are prepared to run with it. Some are even saying it is going to function heavily in their 2020 marketing campaign.

Trevor Loudon is an writer, filmmaker, and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert affect on mainstream politics.

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