Stacey Solomon on baby number three with Joe Swash and being proud of her pregnancy body

Stacey Solomon on baby number three with Joe Swash and being proud of her pregnancy body

ONE of probably the most refreshing issues about Stacey Solomon is that there are by no means any delusions of grandeur. When she arrives for our interview she’s make-up-free, sporting leggings and a sweater and clutching a now-empty polystyrene field of fish and chips, which she’s eaten en route in an Uber she booked herself.

As celebrities go, she’s as actual as they arrive, so it’s no surprise that she doesn’t fake that being pregnant (as she presently is with her third baby) is anything aside from a slog.

Mark Hayman

Stacey Solomon has gained fans championing body confidence on ITV’s Unfastened Ladies

“There are some women who love being pregnant,” she says. “Like my stepmum. When she was pregnant with my little brother she was an earth mother. Her hair received longer and she was like a brilliant ray of sunshine in this completely happy state of zen.

“I don’t feel like that. My hair has gone grey – honestly, it has! I’ve been horrifically sick and I’m so tired. Obviously I’m grateful and I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m not elated, but I’m not in love with being pregnant.”

She has far less power than her previous pregnancies, which she puts right down to age. She’s still solely 29, nevertheless it’s been seven years since she was last pregnant.

“I’m just trying to enjoy it while I’m awake, which isn’t a lot,” she says. “Joe says it’s like I’ve been in a coma for months.”

 Stacey and Joe were shocked to find out she is pregnant

Mark Hayman

Stacey and Joe have been shocked to seek out out she is pregnant

Joe is, of course, Joe Swash, Stacey’s 37-year-old actor- presenter boyfriend of three and half years. When Stacey broke the information to him that she was pregnant with their first baby collectively, his initial response was shock. Whereas a baby was all the time half of their long-term plan, neither of them expected it to happen quite when it did.

“I showed him the positive pregnancy test and he laughed, like: ‘Are you joking?’ He said: ‘But I haven’t seen you in ages!’  So, yeah, we were both quite shocked.”

Stacey factors to her growing bump and jokes that since taking the large step of shopping for a home and shifting in collectively in October, issues have shortly “spiralled out of control”.

She adds: “We have been acutely aware that it’s what we needed, but we weren’t particularly taking a look at a time for it to happen, so it was a very pretty surprise. He was over the moon and it was

simply pretty truly.”

 Stacey and Joe aren't fussed about the gender of their new child - just as long as it's healthy

Stacey Solomon Instagram

Stacey and Joe aren’t fussed concerning the gender of their new youngster – just so long as it’s healthy

Stacey doesn’t need to reveal when the baby is due, however says she’s over the early bouts of sickness and that they are planning on discovering out the intercourse, which is generally on the 20-week scan.

With three boys already between them (Stacey has Zachary, who turns 11 this week, and Leighton, six, from two previous relationships, while Joe has Harry, 11, with his ex-partner), you may assume they’d moderately like a woman this time.

“At first, I did think: ‘Oh, it would be exciting to have a girl’. But then I started to worry – what if it is? I don’t know girls! I know how to do boys. I’ve known boys for 11 years!  And the boys are hoping for another little brother, because they’re at an age where they’re like: ‘Eugh, girls!’ Seriously, though, as long as it’s healthy, whatever it is we genuinely don’t mind.”

The baby will add another dimension to their huge, blended family, which Stacey says, while not without its challenges – again, it’s not in her nature to fake every thing is perfect – works nicely general. 

 Stacey and Joe parent very differently and Stacey thinks the baby will put this to the test

Mark Hayman

Stacey and Joe father or mother very in a different way and Stacey thinks the baby will put this to the check

“We do worry so much about our youngsters because they’re not from normal 2.4-kids households. So me and Joe have been really acutely aware to not move too quick, and it was only when the youngsters appeared to be absolutely on board and pushing for it that we thought: ‘OK, we can do this’.

“It doesn’t imply every part is blimmin’ incredible all the time, but basically the youngsters are completely satisfied, we’re glad and that’s exactly where we need to be. The youngsters adore Joe. They’ve acquired their dads and they know he’s not replacing anybody. He’s simply another actually pretty pal who loves them.

“And it’s the same for Joe and his son. Our door is always open. We want to be as much a blended family as we possibly can and I think it’s working.”

That stated, the 2 of them do mum or dad very in another way and Stacey thinks the baby will put this to the check.

 Stacey's laid-back look makes her relatable to so many women

Mark Hayman

Stacey’s laid-back look makes her relatable to so many women

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“We are completely, utterly totally different. Joe is the fun father or mother, which is what tends to occur whenever you’re not the primary carer. You hardly get to see your youngsters and so once you do, you need to give them every part and have a good time. Joe is that mother or father and he’s sensible at it.

“I’m the one the youngsters can’t wait to get away from to go and go to the other dad or mum. I’m the one who’s like: ‘We will eat this, we will go to bed at this time, we won’t play pc games in the course of the week. No, no, no.’

“However I feel when we now have a toddler together, he’ll be totally different. He sees the foundations I’ve put in with my youngsters and how they behave, and I feel he appreciates that.

“And I also know I’ll have to let go a little bit, because it’s not all about what I want. Children do have to have some light relief and if it comes from their dad, then that’s absolutely fine by me.”

 Stacey has spoken exclusively to Beth Neil in her first interview since announcing her pregnancy

Stacey has spoken solely to Beth Neil in her first interview since saying her pregnancy

There are not any worries that Joe gained’t muck in with his justifiable share of the baby duties.

“When I had Zach, I was so exhausted after a traumatic birth that for the first couple of days my mum just held him on my boob in the middle of the night,” she says. “I know that sounds really weird, but I just wasn’t with it at all. I told Joe and he was like: ‘I’ll do that. I can do that for you!’ And I thought: ‘Oh my god, he loves me as much as my mum!’”

Stacey can also be aware of the postnatal melancholy she battled after Zach’s delivery when she was simply 18, and has taken steps to place a help system in place ought to it have an effect on her again.

“My first pregnancy was just alien to me. I don’t know if I used to be in denial about the whole thing because I used to be so younger. I don’t keep in mind ever feeling pregnant.  However I do know that postnatal melancholy doesn’t discriminate between whether or not you’re in a very good or dangerous place in life – it will probably have an effect on anyone.

“So I don’t for one minute assume that simply because my circumstances is perhaps what are classed as ‘better’ now, that I’m not prone. I know I want to remain on prime of it and discover that if I do really feel myself going a sure means, then I can get the assistance I want.”

 Loose Women panellist Stacey is not one to beat around the bush and has been totally open about the fact she's not exactly 'blooming' during this pregnancy

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Unfastened Ladies panellist Stacey isn’t one to beat around the bush and has been completely open concerning the reality she’s not precisely ‘blooming’ throughout this pregnancy

Stacey’s Unfastened Ladies colleague Nadia Sawalha has provided to be a doula (female birthing associate) and has instructed she may attempt having the baby at house.  As for a start plan, overlook it.

“Every time I have a birth plan it goes out the blimmin’ window. My sister had all these birth plans and ended up having three emergency C-sections. So the plan is no plan other than to get it out as quickly as possible. I’m hoping this one will just fall out. You know, just as I’m walking along!”

The baby will arrive throughout what is arguably one of Stacey’s busiest work durations up to now. As well as her common appearances on Unfastened Ladies, she’s been signed as a panellist on Superstar Juice, has an ongoing partnership with Primark and has just revealed her guide Happily Imperfect. Despite the very fact it’s been 10 years since she first rose to fame on The X Factor, and that she’s stayed in demand ever since, she still gets The Worry that each one of this could end tomorrow.

“I’m freelance and people either want you or they don’t and it’s never guaranteed. I just try and take every opportunity and work as hard as I can, so if there is a drought – which is highly possible at any time – we’ll be all right through it.”

 Stacey withthe 'loves of her life', sons Zach and Leighton and partner Joe


Stacey withthe ‘loves of her life’, sons Zach and Leighton and companion Joe

Does she ever assume she suffers from a touch of imposter syndrome?

“I do feel perhaps I’m just very lucky. I know plenty of talented presenters, singers… incredible people who don’t get the breaks they deserve. It’s a mix of knowing that I’ve worked hard and that’s why I’m here, but also shock at the fact I am. How did I get this? Am I  allowed it? Do I deserve it? Why have I got this and they haven’t?”

She’s certainly doing herself a bit of a disservice here. Whereas some of her success might be put right down to proper place, proper time, Stacey has all the time made probably the most of alternatives that have come her method, and being voted Queen of the I’m A Movie star! jungle in 2010 was an ideal instance of the genuine affection individuals have for her. Over the previous few years she’s proved herself to be so much extra than simply bubbly, barely kooky “Stacey from Dagenham” as Simon Cowell dubbed her at that first X Issue audition.

“I think maybe people’s opinions of me have broadened rather than changed,” she says. “You see, I am Stacey from Dagenham. I am a bit ditzy, a bit hyper, a bit silly. I’m all of those things. But I am also intelligent and thoughtful, I care about things and I’m passionate about body image and the next generation. I think maybe people have realised that.”

 Stacey joked in this Instagram post that she loves her tum lines because ­they ‘look like a six-pack'


Stacey joked in this Instagram publish that she loves her tum strains as a result of ­they ‘appear to be a six-pack’

She’s definitely not typical, and for the final couple of years she has home-schooled each boys. Zach will in all probability begin secondary faculty in September after expressing a want to go.

“We’ve put him on the record and we’ll make that decision before September comes. I’d like him to remain [at home], but I feel he’s beginning to marvel if he’s lacking out. He’s actually, actually liked the last two years at house and he’s been sensible. I’m so proud of myself and of them and my household for giving it a go.

“The truth is that every single baby learns, takes in info and offers with emotion and life in a different way. One measurement doesn’t fit all. I feel faculty is an excellent place to study and there are such a lot of youngsters who have the privilege of a free schooling in this country and that’s phenomenal.

But some youngsters benefit from not being in that system and doing it an alternate method, and Zach is one of those youngsters.

 Could marriage be on the cards now that they've got a baby on the way?

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Might marriage be on the playing cards now that they’ve acquired a baby on the best way?

“It’s been exhausting. You don’t get time away from your youngsters, you don’t get to drop them off anyplace. And I’ve also needed to be targeted enough to take a seat and undergo their work with them even when it’s utterly tedious!

“But what he’s learned and his enthusiasm towards learning is in a completely different place than it was when I took him out two years ago. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made.”

She’s also turn into an influential voice within the body positivity motion and has been outspoken concerning the pressures young women particularly are underneath to look a sure means. Final yr, she referred to as out a weekly magazine who labelled her “boring, desperate and cheap” for her body picture marketing campaign work.

“It made me feel horrible,” she says now. “Why would you need to do one thing like that to anyone? I can bat away most stuff, but I walk into my native store and all I can see is ‘desperate and cheap’ and my face throughout it.

 Joe and Stacey recently purchased a house together


Joe and Stacey just lately bought a house together

“I can’t look inside some of those magazines now. They go from telling us we’re too big to how we can get our revenge bodies and saying if we’re proud of our bodies, then we’re boring and desperate. What about the young girls who are affected by that kind of narrative? It’s really sad.”

Stacey’s own self-acceptance journey is ongoing – she has common social media breaks with a purpose to hold herself on monitor.

“If I’m actually feeling low then I gained’t go browsing. I’ll have a detox from social media solely because in any other case I’m subconsciously taking in pictures and that could be contributing to the best way I feel about myself.

“I do assume your mind wants a break, and surrounding yourself with people who adore you regardless of what you seem like is imperative. No matter what society says or the business tells us, we are sufficient. We’re regular, we are good. I might look within the mirror day by day and go: ‘Oh, I hate that about me. I wish I didn’t have that stretch mark.’ But I don’t. I might relatively sit there and go: ‘Ah, that’s good. I’ve obtained additional stretch marks from this pregnancy.’

 Stacey can certainly pull red carpet glam out of the bag

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Stacey can definitely pull pink carpet glam out of the bag

“I’ve to remind myself: ‘I actually really like that about my body’.

And I know it sounds foolish, but ultimately you do. And then you definitely start questioning everyone else’s motives. Why are you telling me I shouldn’t have frown strains or muffin tops or stretch marks? I like them as a result of they should be there. That’s precisely where they’re purported to be! This is exactly what I’m purported to appear to be.”

Of all the things Stacey does, though, she loves being a mum probably the most. When the youngsters are older, she plans to adopt or foster in order that her house isn’t empty.

“I’m always broody. I see a baby and get all tingly inside. Joe’s mum fosters long-term. I’ve seen what she’s done for the child that she looks after and I’d love to have that opportunity. I think we’ll let our children grow up and leave the house first and then we’ll adopt or foster. I don’t imagine my house ever being completely free of children.”

She jokes that poor Joe will need to retire and journey the world, but she’ll be wrapped up in who they will look after next.

“I get so much joy from my work, from my relationship with Joe and from so many things in life. But raising a child is another kind of joy entirely,” she says. “It’s my favourite thing.”

The final…

Ebook you read?

My own, recording my audio guide.


Field set you watched?

Recreation Of Thrones.


Film you watched?

The Home With A Clock In Its Partitions.


Night time out you had?

Earlier than I had youngsters!


Time you had a snog? 

This morning, with Joe.


Time you cried? 

It’s fairly common – I’m an emotional wreck!


Public embarrassment you had?

I work on Unfastened Ladies, so I commonly assume to myself: “Gosh, what did I say that for?!”

Stacey Solomon discusses Joe Swash’s gender reveal blunder on Heart Breakfast

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