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Rich Swann vs. Dragon Lee, Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Tommy Dreamer, Low Ki vs. Fred Lehi, plus Sami Callihan –

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor vs. Jake Hager (f/k/a Jack Swagger), plus Joey Janela, Barrington Hughes, Stud Stable hosted by Schiavone and Bocchini -

JANUARY 11, 2018

Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Rich Bocchini

The present opened with a cameraman following Tom Lawler backstage. Lawler stopped outdoors of the Promotions Dorado locker room door. By way of the door, Selina da La Renta could possibly be heard screaming at somebody that he’ll receives a commission when he does the work he was employed to do. Schiavone stated she was arguing with Sami Callihan and requested if Callihan was making an attempt to gather one other bounty. He by some means might decipher the vague yelling and translated to us that Salina needed Callihan to take out Lawler tonight. Schiavone questioned whether or not Callihan was prepared for such a activity.

Schiavone and Bocchini ran down tonight’s card, which incorporates Brian Pillman Jr. taking over Tommy Dreamer in a Singapore cane match, and Rich Swann will go one on one with Dragon Lee.

Low Ki was backstage. He stated this yr marks the 15th yr he’s been undefeated in MLW. (Not as spectacular when the corporate was inactive for nearly half these years however nonetheless a powerful statistic nonetheless. He stated he has crushed all the world-class athletes MLW has thrown his means. He stated he wasn’t going to lose any time quickly. He stated he was going to journey off into the sundown and return as the best MLW World Heavyweight champion, identical to he will probably be at Superfight on February 2nd.

(1) Dragon Lee vs. Rich Swann

Swann didn’t shake palms with anybody within the crowd who stretched on the market hand. Swann then blew kisses to the gang however then slapped his however ass if telling the gang or probably Dragon Lee to kiss his behind. So this seems to be like perhaps a heel flip for Swann? Lee reached out to shake arms however Swann blew him off. The 2 locked up and each males went forwards and backwards chain wrestling. Some good quick-paced motion with loads of reversals. The commentary identified how comparable each males’ types are. The gang was chanting “Let’s go Dragon”. Swann acted as if he was going for a check of power however as an alternative toyed with Lee and that result in a dance-off. Swann then hit a pleasant operating dropkick. Swann then took over on offense chopping Lee’s chest exhausting within the nook.

Swann was actually pandering to the gang right here, who appeared barely reluctant to boo Swann. Lee hit a dropkick on Swann sending him to the surface. Lee hit the other ropes and acted as if he was going to dive to the surface however on the final minute flipped onto his aspect in a relaxed Naito/Andrade Cien Almos sort pose. Swann took benefit of the off-guard Lee by sliding again into the ring and hitting a fast kick to the chest. Swann then pounded away at Lee. Lee rolled to the surface and Swann adopted sending Lee onerous into some scaffolding. Swann went to backhand Lee who ducked inflicting Swann’s hand to hit the scaffolding onerous. Swann was capable of recuperate and Roll Lee again into the ring. Swann hit a stiff kick to the again of a seated Dragon Lee. Swann pandered to the gang some extra after which picked up Lee and positioned him on the highest of the turnbuckle. Swann then tried eradicating the masks from Lee and after a number of moments of unsuccessfully making an attempt, Swann determined to drape Lee backward over the nook and the ran from the other aspect of the ring and hit a dropkick on a trapped Dragon Lee. The commentary famous this being an entire new angle for Swann. Lee hit a pleasant standing head-scissor takeover. With Swann sitting within the nook, Lee jumped over the ropes to the apron, then again over the ropes and into Swann’s chest in a single movement. Dragon Lee hit an over the Knee neckbreaker for a two rely. Swann hit a pleasant summersault leg drop to the again of Lee’s head. Swann adopted up with a Frog Splash from the center rope for a two rely. Dragon Lee hit a reverserana on Swann however was hit by an enormous superkick by Swann sending each males to the mat.

Each males started exchanging elbows from their knees. They then stood and traded blows then kicks to the face. Lee hit Swann with a knee sending Swann into the nook. Lee then jumped over the rope to the apron and kick the highest turnbuckle whereas holding Swann’s head towards it. Lee tried to climb to the highest rope, however Lee hit two leaping kicks to the aspect of the top then adopted that up with a hurricanrana from off the highest rope. This was very spectacular as Swann jumped from the mat all the best way as much as Lee’s shoulders. Swann went to the highest rope and tried his Pheonix Splash however Lee was capable of keep away from the impression and shortly hit Swann with a sit down powerbomb for the win. After the match, Lee prolonged his hand to Swann and Swann did ultimately shake his hand and Swann raised Lee’s hand in victory. So maybe Swann was simply enjoying heel for one match?

WINNER: Dragon Lee

(Karcher’s Evaluation: Good match. Not as spot heavy as one would assume with these two skills concerned. I favored that actully because it was shocking to see this match make use of a lot psychology. It wasn’t overly complicated psychology however Swann was cleary purported to be the heel on this match and was efficient at getting the gang to not cheer him. Once more, it did appear as if he wasn’t getting a lot audible warmth for his antics however they werent cheering him and Swann often will get an honest child face response from MLW crowds. So whereas this match didn’t have a lot of the flashy highlights I used to be anticipating to get, I’m very intrigued by the thought of a heel Rich Swann. I feel I’ve been bored of his “charachter” should you may even name it that since he was doing the identical schtick on WWE tv. Spomething recent and new for him feels proper at this level. WHo is aware of if this was an actual flip or simply an try and get individuals to cheer for Lee this one match. Dragon Lee can also be a loopy good expertise and I hope MLW makes good use of him. I don’t know what his promo expertise are as I’ve actually solely seen him a number of occasions on NJPW exhibits. One other face to observe I suppose)

Sami Callihan was backstage strolling round with a hammer. He bumped into Ace Romero and requested Ace if he knew the place Lawler was. When Romero stated he didn’t know, Callihan requested Romero if had eaten Lawler. (when you’ve by no means seen Ace Romero… he’s an enormous boy) He stated if Romero does see him, to inform him Callihan is in search of him. He then bumped into some random older gents backstage who seemed very afraid of Callihan. Callihan requested the person if he has seen Tom round. The person responded meekly saying, Jerry? Callihan stated, “I said nothing of Jerry.” Callihan then took the person’s sun shades off his shirt and stated “These are mine now” and left, persevering with to yell Tom on the prime of his lungs as he looked for Lawler.

They aired a video of Brian Pillman Jr. addressing Dreamer. Pillman tapped his cane towards a brick wall and stated that was the identical sound the cane made when it bounced off Kevin Sullivan’s cranium. He stated it was the sound of a millennial man placing an previous geezer out of his distress. He stated he was uninterested in  Dreamer and the likes, shaking their fist and telling him to get off their yard. He stated that is his yard now. He stated MLW was his playground. He stated he was uninterested in being politicing and latching on to the previous legacies of individuals like his father. He stated he was going to their method was going to be purged from the enterprise. He stated he’s not afraid to make use of a weapon like a Singapore Cane. He stated the cane is sweet for slaying imposters. He referred to as Dreamer a phony and stated he wouldn’t simply use a Singapore cane tonight, he stated he would use previous dependable and he spun his strolling cane round in entrance of the digital camera.

(Karcher’s Evaluation: Not a fantastic promo from Pillman. He was sort of all over with the intelligent speak. He cuts WWE type promos in that they’re often too intelligent by half and don’t sound like individuals speak naturally. Go watch the interviews of UFC fighters who’re actually speaking trash about their opponents. They don’t sound like this. I’ve massive hopes for Pillman as a result of I really feel he has an actual presence about him, however he’s nonetheless very inexperienced and wishes numerous time nonetheless to hone his expertise. I’m excited to be alongside for the journey by way of.)

A video package deal aired highlighting the upcoming MLW World Heavyweight Championship between champion Low Ki and challenger Tom Lawler match at Superfight on February 2nd on the 2300 Area in Philadelphia.

Lawler was proven backstage cautiously peeking round corners. He informed somebody backstage that’s Callahan comes round, to inform him that Lawler was warming up within the aspect room by the kitchen.

(2) Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Tommy Dreamer – Singapore Cane Match

Pillman was wearing a number of sweatshirts, probably to keep away from the pinching nature of the Kenda Stick. Pillman additionally got here out unaccompanied by his Coronary heart Basis brethren which I assumed was a bit odd however concurrently refreshing and a very good probability to see what Pillman can do with out the assistance of his heel pals in his nook, serving to him draw warmth. Pillman began off aggressive not letting Dreamer into the ringer. Dreamer correctly used his cane to comb the legs out from underneath Pillman after which rolled into the ring to start out the match. They swung the canes at one another a number of occasions earlier than Pillman rolled to the surface of the ring. Dreamer adopted and him Pillman within the intestine with the cane after which rolled him into the ring. Within the ring, Dreamer hit Pillman within the again with the cane. Pillman shot proper up and chopped Dreamer again into the nook. He tugged at his sweatshirts, displaying off his plan to make use of them as safety. Dreamer was capable of take over on offense and get in some backhand slaps to the chest himself. Dreamer hit a swinging neckbreaker after which began to take away a number of the protecting layers of clothes from Pillman. Pillman was stripped right down to his button up enterprise shirt after which thrown outdoors the ring by Dreamer who adopted and commenced taking it to Pillman across the ring. A fan handed Dreamer a beer and Dreamer took a swig, then spit the beer in Pillman’s face. Dreamer was handed two extra beers, and after pouring some on Pillman’s head, Stone Chilly Steve Austin fashion poured the rest throughout his personal mouth.

Dreamer led Pillman even deeper into the crown, and ripped open Pillman’s button up, solely to disclose a further shirt beneath that as nicely. They went again to ringside and Dreamer missed a backhand, hitting the publish as an alternative. This gave Pillman an opportunity to take over as Pillman lifted Dreamer and dropped him crotch first on the guardrail. As Dreamer winced in ache straddling the rial, Pillman hit a superkick knocking Dreamer off. Pillman slammed Dreamers arm across the ring publish. Again contained in the ring, Pillman received ahold of a cane and cracked Dreamers hand twice. Pillman then utilized a wristlock. Pillman picked up the cane and pinned Dreamer’s hand to the mat with it. Pillman twisted the cane as he utilized downward strain on Dreamers hand. Dreamer fought again, however Pillman hit a spinning again fist to the again and adopted that up with a standing dropkick. Pillman grabbed the cane and climbed to the center rope. Pillman jumped off the ropes and hit Dreamer onerous on the top with the cane as he got here down. Pillman started to control the fingers of Dreamer on his injured left hand. Dreamer tried to struggle again however Pillman hit a scoop slam on Dreamer. Pillman grabbed his strolling cane and went to the center rope once more. This time when he got here down, Dreamer was prepared and hit Pillman with a cane proper to the intestine. The 2 stood toe to toe and exchanged blows. Dreamer received the higher of the 2 and ended the change with a bit Dusty Rhodes American dream movement and elbow to the top. Dreamer hit a aspect slam for a two rely. Dreamer rolled to the surface and went underneath the ring. Dreamer introduced a chair into the ring set it up. He pulled the remaining layers of clothes up over Pillman’s head and laid Pillman over the chair abdomen down. He then hit Pillman over the again. Pillman popped up and threw off the remainder of his layers in ache. He then awkwardly laid again on the chair and Dreamer tried to hit the ropes and one other huge cane shot however Pillman utilized a drop toe maintain after which Dreamer was the one draped over the chair. Pillman acquired a maintain of a cane. Dreamer began to face however Pillman started nailing him with cane photographs to the legs and arms. Pillman went for a head shot however Dreamer ducked and hit a Aspect Russian Leg Sweep. Dreamer then grabbed a cane and hit Pillman within the uncovered intestine. Dreamer then hit a cutter for a two rely. Dreamer piled all of the weapons within the middle of the ring and picked up Pillman over his shoulder. Pillman raked the eyes and escaped. Pillman fell to the mat and used a cane to low blow Dreamer. Pillman then hit a spinning neckbreaker for the win.

WINNER: Brian Pillman Jr.

(Karcher’s Evaluation: One other good match. Very similar to the primary match, this had extra of a narrative and was much less spot heavy then I might have anticipated. I favored the thought of Pillman tried to realize a bonus by sporting so many layers of clothes. I really like when individuals do issues that make you assume, wow that’s so apparent why has nobody tried that earlier than? Maybe a wrestling fan with extra information then me can inform me if this has occurred earlier than? Both method, I assumed it was intelligent. This was a bit brief, and I wouldn’t have minded an additional three or four minutes right here and perhaps they might have thrown in one other massive spot or two. The one spot that bothered me on this match was when Pillman went again to being draped over the chair after the primary shot. It simply appeared actually pressured and awkward. He did, nevertheless, reverse the subsequent transfer with a drop toe maintain so perhaps he was simply enjoying possum? I can stay with that. Good match general.) 

Callihan was backstage nonetheless in search of Lawler. He informed the digital camera that in the event that they have been going to proceed to comply with him then they higher keep at the least 5 ft away from him always. Callihan got here throughout the identical man from earlier that Lawler spoke to. Callihan stated he’s the person with the hammer so he’s going to inform Callihan what he needs to know. He requested him the place Lawler was. The person advised Callihan what Lawler informed him to say and Callihan knocked the field he was finishing up of the person’s hand and advised him to get out of right here.

(Karcher’s Evaluation: I really like Callihan addressing the cameraman right here. By acknowledging the digital camera, and saying that one line, he offered a plausible narrative to why the cameras have been there. They have been following him round, a lot in order that they even acquired on his nerves. Extra of this, please.) 

They confirmed some graphics promoting Mance Warner coming to MLW.

They aired a video package deal promoting the returning Battle Riot happening April fifth in New York Metropolis.

They confirmed highlights of the Promociones Dorado assaults on Konnan and Pentagon two weeks in the past and confirmed some clips from the Teddy Hart vs. Pentagon match from final week. They marketed The Lucha Bros taking over The Hart Basis for the MLW Tag Group Championships at Superfight in Philidelphia.

They went to Matt Striker within the Superfight management middle for the newest information on the cardboard. Superfight takes place February 2nd on the 2300 Area in Philidelphia PA. Tickets are nonetheless out there as of this broadcast and could be bought at Here’s a take a look at the cardboard thus far.

  • Low Ki (c) vs. Tom Lawler (MLW Heavyweight Championship)
  • The Lucha Bros (c) vs. The Hart Basis (Tag Group Championship)
  • Simon Gotch vs. Ace Romero
  • Rey Houres vs. Aerostar
  • Mance Warner’s Debut

(three) Fred Yehi vs. Low Ki (w/Salina de La Renta) 

They aired a few of final week’s Fred Yehi promo on a small image in image display throughout Yehi’s entrance. He primarily simply referred to as out Low Ki and challenged him to a match. The match began with every wrestler feeling the opposite out. Yehi backed Low Ki into the nook however Low Ki was capable of apply an unlawful armbar excessive rope. Yehi hit a pleasant scoop slam. Yehi labored over Low Ki’s left leg. There was a number of forwards and backwards grappling till low ki hit an affordable store within the nook as Yehi was being backed off by the ref. Yehi was capable of get well nevertheless and sweep Low Ki’s legs out from beneath him and comply with that up with a operating double knee to the face. Yehi tried a intestine wrench suplex however Low Ki was capable of maintain the rope and cease himself from going over. As an alternative, Yehi threw Low Ki down within the middle of the ring and rolled him up for a leverage pin that obtained a two rely. Low Ki stopped one other suplex try by grabbing the ropes, this time within the nook. Yehi refused to let go as Low Ki climbed the ropes with Yehi holding onto his again. Low Ki hit Yehi with some exhausting photographs and Yehi Dropped to the mat. Low Ki then hit his double stomp on Yehi’s again for the win.


(Karcher’s Evaluation: It’s good to see Yehi again. He is an effective expertise. These two had very complimentary types and I hope we get to see an extended match between these two someday sooner or later. This confirmed some nice depth for such a brief match however finally felt minimize off earlier than it might actually get going.)

They went backstage to Callihan nonetheless looking for Lawler. (Man that took him a very long time to stroll proper down the corridor.) Callihan went into the kitchen and commenced cautiously wanting round. Callihan was startled by some dishes being knocked over nevertheless it was simply the cameraman. Callihan scolding the cameraman after which made him stand within the nook whereas he checked in one of many closets. Callihan went inside however the digital camera stayed outdoors. Although the door we might hear unusual yelling and noises. After a number of moments of silence, Tom Lawler emerged from the door holding Callihan’s bloody hammer. Lawler licked the blood off the Hammer and smiled on the digital camera.

FINAL THOUGHTS: One other good present this week for MLW. We had three respectable matches, all three heavy of the story/psychology facet and perhaps a bit of mild on the motion. That’s effective by me as I feel most weeks on Fusion we get extra motion than the story so I’m positive with an excellent combination now and again. I appreciated the fascinating path they is perhaps heading with Rich Swann. I loved Pillman vs. Dreamer immensely and the primary occasion confirmed some good depth regardless of being so brief. I additionally received a kick out of Callihan’s manhunt for Lawler all through the night time. Each males have been excellent of their roles and it was entertaining to see Callihan interacting with all of the individuals backstage. Callihan might be MLW’s largest act for my part. I feel that Callihan ought to be in the primary occasion title image when you get the belt off Low Ki. Talking of Low Ki, I feel they’ve been doing an excellent job of establishing this match at Superfight. On paper, it’s not a match I might naturally be curious about. However the construct has been sluggish and regular for this and the anticipation is definitely rising for this match. The match itself won’t be a four-star basic, however I feel the gang actually buys into the roles that each guys are enjoying proper now. Low Ki has main warmth, and Lawler is surprisingly over. If I needed to take an early prediction on the winner I might go together with Lawler. I feel Low Ki has accomplished a great job of elevating the standing of the championship throughout his reign, and I feel now can be an excellent time to move a few of that goodwill onto Lawler who, let’s face it, lacks some credibility at this level in his profession. MLW has carried out a great job at constructing him up and in case your solely wrestling expertise was MLW, then Lawler may appear to be a reputable contender to you. If in case you have been watching wrestling for a very long time, nevertheless, and in case your acquainted with Low Ki and his accomplishments you won’t place Lawler on his degree at this level in Lawler’s profession. Both means, I feel MLW has a reasonably scorching title match on their palms they usually deserve credit score for some fairly strong long run reserving right here. Nicely, that’s it for tonight’s episode of MLW Fusion on BeIn Sports activities. They haven’t, so far as I can recall, introduced any matches forward of time for subsequent week. Regardless, you possibly can examine again right here each week and skim my report solely right here on Thank’s once more to everybody studying and I’ll see you proper right here subsequent week.

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