Path of Exile Hideout Guide

Farming PoE currency and PoE orbs is good and all, but wouldn’t it be better if you had a place that you could call home within the game? Hideouts are just that! And with our Path of Exile hideout guide, you’ll be able to turn your regular base into a comfy place where you can let your creative side shine. What we won’t do, however, is insist on what decorations you should put into your own lair. This is because you have to pick what fits your style the best. Not to worry though, as we’ll help you choose which hideout variants are best for each style instead.

What is a Hideout?

A hideout is an area where you can let yourself loose and just relax. It’s a special place where you can customize everything around it to fit your personal style. The hideout is essentially a small piece of the map devices that’s exclusive to you. For you to use hideouts, you must first free Helena in the Second Act. Doing so, in turn, will let you change hideouts and find new ones from different locations. Helena is the go-to person for all things related to hideout stuff such as nebula hideout, glacial hideout, overgrown hideout, unearthed hideout, so it’s important that you do this first. When you finally stumble upon a hideout, you will need to clear all of the monsters inside to make use of it. After securing the hideout, you can invite Helena and other Masters to get some decorations from them.

How Do I Get Some Décor?

You can purchase all kinds decorations for your pad. In fact, you can buy up to 750 decorations, each bearing their own uniqueness. To buy decorations, you’ll need some Favor. Favors are points/currency used when buying decorations for your hideout. Favors can be earned through dailies; from there you can use these points only on Helena and the other masters like Zana and Niko.

Can I Visit My Friends’ Hideouts?

Sure you can! While staying cooped up in your hideout is totally fine, visiting your friends is part of the experience. For you to visit the hideout of your friends or party members, you can simply right click their in-game name and select “Visit Hideout”. You’ll immediately be teleported to their shack. You can also trade with your friends through there as well and vice versa. Grinding Gear Games has also added an extra layer of depth of hideouts where you can adjust the permissions for your own hideout. If you only want guild members or party members to visit your hideout but not your friends, you can do so by clicking “Hideout Decorations”.

Different Types of Hideout Variants

When decorating, you’ll first need to choose what hideout variant you want to go with. There are sixteen different types of hideout variants available in the game, with more that can be purchased using real money from the store. These variations are exclusive to specific areas, so if you want a specific variant, you’ll have to travel to that place and unlock the hideout from there. Each hideout variant has different levels of rarity as well. The Backstreet Hideout, for example, is only a common hideout, while the Sunken Hideout that’s in the Sunken City is a rare hideout. The common hideout variants can be obtained while progressing through the story, while the rare ones tend to only be available for those that have high tier Maps.


You’ll most likely spend most of your time in hideouts during the endgame, so it’s best to start early on earning Favor points besides the usual PoE currency and PoE orbs to buy the decorations that you want. Customizing your hideout is not only a means of freedom of expression, but also a great way to show players and other party members/guild members your sense of style.