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‘I knew of my family’s plan to murder my sister-in-law who was strangled and dumped in a river but I couldn’t stop it’

'I knew of my family's plan to murder my sister-in-law who was strangled and dumped in a river but I couldn’t stop it'

SURJIT Athwal from Coventry, 27, was drugged, murdered and dumped in a river.

But this wasn’t a horrific random attack – it was deliberate and carried out by these closest to her.


Sarbjit, left, on her wedding ceremony day, with Surjit, proper

Worse nonetheless is that her sister-in-law knew of the plot, but couldn’t stop it from occurring.

Surjit’s crime? Socialising with pals which her mother-in-law perceived as bringing disgrace on the family.

Here, as a new documentary The Killer In My Household airs, sister-in-law Sarbjit Athwal, 49, tells Solar On-line how her family lured Surjit from the UK, only to have her strangled to dying then left in the Ravi River in December 1998.

‘We now have to get rid of her’

Surjit and Sarbjit have been married to two brothers and Sarbjit recollects the day their mother-in-law advised her of her evil plan.

“I’ll never forget the day I was summoned to tea,” says Sarbjit, who was looking after Surjit’s two youngsters whereas she was at work.

 Sarbit Athwal reveals her mother and brother-in-law arranged the vicious killing she continues to seek justice for

Julian Andrews – The Sunday Occasions  

Sarbit Athwal reveals her mother and brother-in-law arranged the vicious killing she continues to search justice for

Bachan Athwal, their husbands’ mom invited her into the entrance room.

“Within the center of our tea Bachan says, ‘Surjit’s bringing shame on the family. It’s decided. We have to get rid of her.’”

“I was shocked, but thought she’s just indignant. There’s no means she can be significantly suggesting murder. I thought, she’ll settle down, but Sukhdave — Surjit’s husband — was just sitting there and didn’t say anything.”

Tyrant mother-in-law and abusive husband

Surjit was born and raised in Coventry but had been dwelling in Hayes, West London since marrying Sukhdave Athwal at just 16.

Soon after the arranged marriage she turned desperately unhappy because of mother-in-law Bachan’s reign of terror.

 Sabjit phoned the police to tell them about Bachan's despicable plan

Britain’s Darkest Taboos

Sabjit phoned the police to tell them about Bachan’s despicable plan

In the course of the 10-year marriage, the tyrannical matriarch limited Surjit’s access to her circle of relatives and controlled her every move, which included what Surjit was allowed to put on, and how she was to increase her Sukhdave’s youngsters.

She would additionally instruct her abusive son to discipline Surjit together with his fists, typically pushing her to the bottom every time she dared to defy him.

Surjit typically rebelled by sporting western garments and makeup and even getting a job when Bachan would have most popular for her to stay an obedient housewife.

The mum-of-two worked as a customs officer in London and, by way of this, found a freedom outdoors her tight-knit Sikh group, where ladies might have pals, socialise, drink, go clubbing, one thing which the Athwal’s believed to have introduced disgrace on their family identify.

It was a way of life that her mother-in-law and husband didn’t approve of.

‘It was like a conflict zone’

When Bachan and her son have been introduced to Surjit’s family, she had introduced herself as a loving matriarch who would treat her daughter-in-law with affection.

It was this assurance of a loving residence for his or her daughter that Surjit’s dad Mohinderpal Singh Dhillon, and mum Surinder Kau gave their blessing for the wedding.


Central Information


“It all ended up like a war zone,” reveals Sabjit, who a yr after Surjit’s nuptials, aged 19, married Sukhdave’s brother additionally as half of an organized marriage.

“Surjit didn’t want to marry Sukhdave and was just about pushed into it by her household. She had hoped as a result of of Bachan’s false niceness originally the wedding can be bearable, but it was a nightmare.

“After Surjit gave start to her and Sukhdave’s first baby, Bachan took over. She principally took that baby as her own.

“Whenever Surjit and I were breastfeeding, Bachan would look at us and she would say, ‘the babies are not happy. We should put them on the bottle.”

‘We have been treated like slaves’

For Sarbjit, married life was additionally brutal. She like her sister-in-law was handled as a live-in maid, her every transfer watched and criticised by her husband and mother-in-law who now all lived in the Athwal household residence.

 Suhkdave Athwal, Sutjit's husband, had taken out a life insurance policy just days before her murder

PA:Press Association

Suhkdave Athwal, Sutjit’s husband, had taken out a life insurance coverage coverage just days before her murder

“I grew up in the Sikh custom, but I’d not seen this degree of management and problem.

“I thought I was going to be treated properly. Bachan has six youngsters – 4 daughters two sons. The women are all given freedom and handled like princesses. Surjit and I have been handled like slaves. ”

When Surjit was pregnant together with her second baby she was fed up, asked for a divorce, moved out of the house and went to keep together with her mother and father.

She was later persuaded by Sukhdave to return and agreed on the situation that she’d have more freedom and that she, her husband and their younger daughter, who was two at the time, would transfer out of the Athwal residence into their own place. It proved to be a momentary truce.

‘I heard her being crushed whereas pregnant’

The husband, who couldn’t bear to be removed from his mum, purchased a new residence, subsequent door.

“Sukhdave became even more abusive,” says Sarbjit.

 Suhkdave Athwal, Sutjit's husband, had taken out a life insurance policy for her just days before the murder

Suhkdave Athwal, Sutjit’s husband, had taken out a life insurance coverage for her simply days before the murder

“I would hear her being crushed up subsequent door. I felt sick as I once heard my sister-in-law hit the ground. Then I made out a totally different voice. It was Bachan. She was attacking [pregnant] Surjit as properly.”

Grandma Bachan was thrilled the infant was a boy as she longed for a grandson.

Evil plot

But now she’d acquired what she desired and Surjit was still hell-bent on a divorce, she began plotting her errant daughter-in-law’s demise and that she and her son would increase the 2 youngsters.

She schemed to lure Surjit to India for two weddings and afterwards she’d be killed.

Three weeks after her mother-in-law’s shock announcement over tea, Sarbjit, then a mother of two, turned increasingly anxious.

 Her brother Jagdeesh continues to campaign for justice for the killing

PA:Press Affiliation

Her brother Jagdeesh continues to marketing campaign for justice for the killing

“When Surjit left, I was by the door, desperate to say something to her, but Bachan was there and she closed the door in my face. We weren’t allowed to communicate.”

Surjit’s brother, Jagdeesh Singh, had additionally tried to dissuade her from going to India, but his sister assured him that Bachan just needed company on her on the journey to show one last image of unity at two family weddings.

The day after their departure, Sarbjit referred to as the Crimestoppers helpline from a public phonebox and left a recorded message.

She says: “I gave the police all the knowledge. I advised them my mother-in-law’s identify, Sukhdave’s identify and the place they have been going. I advised them them the whole plan and begged them to take motion.”

 Surjit was subjected to beatings by matriarchal Bachan, who ruled the households even after she and her husband moved out

PA:Press Association

Surjit was subjected to beatings by matriarchal Bachan, who ruled the households even after she and her husband moved out

“I also wrote them a letter whilst she was in India. They could’ve stopped this, but I got no reply to that. It was all a big risk for me to do this.”

Informed I’d die if I spoke up

When Bachan returned house with out Surjit, everybody’s worst fears turned all too real. “I felt sick,” says Sarbjit tearfully. “I asked where she was and Bachan told me she was killed, but acted as if she had nothing to do with it.” But Sarbjit took no motion.

“I was scared into submission. They told me not to speak to anyone and that I would also meet that fate if I opened my mouth about it.”

 Sarbjit Athwal, 49, tells Sun Online how her family lured Surjit from the UK

Julian Andrews – The Sunday Occasions  

Sarbjit Athwal, 49, tells Solar Online how her household lured Surjit from the UK

Jagdeesh, who has led the continuing marketing campaign for justice since his sister’s dying, stated that he knew right away that the Athwal’s have been on the centre of the murder.

Rumours that Bachan had boasted to buddies about killing his sister and having her body thrown in India’s Ravi River had reached to him and convinced family that the in-laws have been responsible.

He declared: “This almost perfect murder was intended to get rid of a seemingly dishonourable daughter-in-law, who was daring to seek divorce from a draconian 10-year marriage into the Athwal family…. Within the Athwal family circle, a decision and plan was made, led by the mother-in-law, to take Surjit out of the UK and get rid of her once and for all.”

Struggle for justice

Over the subsequent few years, it will be an arduous battle for Surjit’s brother and relations to convey her in-laws to justice, but to no avail.

It was lastly in 2004, that Sarbjit felt courageous sufficient to also push for justice after holding her darkish secret led to a debilitating stress-related stomach ulcer.

It was this near-death expertise that made her realise she had to get away from beneath her mother-in-law’s control.

“I thought, ‘I have nothing to lose,” she tells us. “My husband referred to as his mother-in-law earlier than he referred to as the ambulance to ask if I should go to hospital. When he lastly referred to as, the docs informed me that a few more minutes and I would’ve died.

“I instantly felt a need to get justice for Surjit and free my youngsters from the hell we have been all dwelling in. I made contact with police.”

 Surjit went with her mother-in-law to India - it was there she was strangled, beaten and left for dead

PA:Press Affiliation

Surjit went together with her mother-in-law to India – it was there she was strangled, crushed and left for lifeless

Luckily, this time the police took discover. DCI Clive Driscoll obtained maintain of her recent grievance and took a keen interest. He believed her and started to gather evidence, each in the UK and India.

“She gave a vivid account of how Surjit was tricked or drugged into going on a trip and then driven to a remote location where she was strangled and thrown into the River Ravi,” says DCI Driscoll in the documentary.

In India, DCI Driscoll interviewed Bachan’s brother, Darshan, the primary suspect. He was arrested by Indian police in 1999 in reference to Surjit’s disappearance, but not charged.

Sukdhave tried to make an insurance coverage claim on a policy he had taken out on his wife’s life the very day she left for India, incriminating himself.

DCI continued his investigation for the subsequent few years, but as decided as Sarbjit was to help, it was not until 2007, Bachan, 70, and Sukhdave, 43, have been arrested.

Sabjit left her husband and took her son into hiding.

 Surjit, right and Sarbjit, left, were married to two brothers

Surjit, right and Sarbjit, left, have been married to two brothers

He sent her dying threats and was jailed briefly for intimidation.

Regardless of the Athwals insisting Sabjit had psychological health points and native spiritual leaders antagonising her, a petrified Sarbjit discovered the power to testify.

It was the primary time anybody had spoken out in courtroom towards their household in an honour killing trial.

She says: “Previously the police didn’t consider me. They took the phrase of my household so when the responsible verdict got here by means of, Clive [Driscoll] referred to as me and stated, ‘We have gained!’ Half of me was relieved and part of me felt sick — what is going to my husband do [to me]?”

Justice was finally served and Bachan Athwal, then 70, was sentenced to 20 years and Sukhdave to 27 years, but these phrases have been later lowered at attraction to 15 and 20 years respectively.

“She’ll be out in around three years,” says Sarbjit, who has long-divorced her husband and left with their youngsters.

“The thought makes me ill. She’ll still be welcomed in the Sikh community, meanwhile, I’m an exile for turning on the family.”

The Killer in my Family is on Thursday 10pm on Really.

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