How to choose Dart board | step by step guide for beginners

There are many reason why you should dedicate yourself to darts. One thing in advance, yes, darts are sports. The German Olympic committee has recently acknowledged this. Of course, dart does not replace endurance sports like jogging, but it can be wonderfully complementary.

Dart trains the mental capacity, promotes precision and accuracy and also brings a tremendous fun factor. In this article I would like to share some tips how you select your perfect dart board for better performance.

What else should you consider when buying your dartboards?

Basically, when buying a dartboard with cabinet or without you own taste always decides. Depending on what you value, there is another buy recommendation of you. Of course, there are a few general buy recommendation anyway. For example the classic steel dartboard should be rotatable, so you can counteract excessive wear of individual segments.

Extra tip: good dartboards are playable on two sides. If one side is worn, you can easily fall back on the other. By the way, which color you choose is entirely up to you? Classis dartboards are red-green-white-black. Other colors can also be found and are purely a matter of taste. Equally crucial in the steel dart. The spider, which divides the segments, should be as thin as possible, so that rebounds are avoided.

When buying E-dartboard the requirements are much larger. The ads should be so big that you can follow the game well from the throw-off line well. Here several display monitors can remedy the situation. Likewise, the sound should have a clear, bright sound and be adjustable. This is the only way to avoid noise pollution. Who like to play in large rounds, should also check before buying, if this is possible with his e-dartboard. Many soft tape dart namely have a maximum in the number of player. In addition, it should automatically be redirected to the next player after three throws to avoid unnecessary running.

Correct attachment of a dartboard

With the darts and dartboards form # do your dart are perfectly equipped for any dart match. The attachment of your dartboard is strictly regulated. Both the height at which the dartboard hangs and the distance to the discharge line (Oche) are standardized. For example, with soft dart the dartboard hangs at a height of 1.72m: the steel dart, however, 1cm higher (1.73m). The dimensions refer to the center of the dartboard and not the bottom edge. Position is done so that the segment is valued form 20 to 120 clock.

The distance to the oche for steel dart is 2.37m. This distance refers to the front of the dartboard up to the ejection line. The soft dart is sometimes played deviating at a distance of 2.44m. It is very important to keep these distances. Only through this standardization uniform conditions are created. Good judgment is therefore not sufficient when mounting. You should consult the appropriate tool during installation.

It is equally important to avoid noise and damage. For this, the board should be decoupled from the wall when mounting. This is achieved by insulating material or appropriate brackets. Similarly, so-called collecting fields should be used to catch the misdirected darts and thus protect the wall. Here you can also use cork or chipboard. For the protection of the ground darts rugs can be used. Carpet scraps or simple cork slabs are also very helpful here.

Tip: if the soil protection extends beyond the ocher, the dartboard must be raised higher by the appropriate height of the soil protection.

Darts sets with dartboards: everything for a good start. Many offers are aimed specifically at beginners of darts. Also in any online shop you will find special offers.

Tips: rather buy a high-quality dartboard and simple replace the arrows when needed. The advantage is one way or the other obvious in these are sets: you can go straight to play.

Which material is right for the dartboard?

Cheap soft darts with plastic tips dartboard for steel dart are made of sisal, cork or paper. Sisal is the natural fiber made from the leaves of agaves. Cork and paper, however, are far less expensive to product. This is reflected in the price again.

Sisal dartboards cost around twice as much as those made of cork or paper.

What all surfaces have in common is that they should always be well bonded and therefore dimensionally stable. Especially when releasing the darts form the material of the dartboard this should not stand out.

Also, gaps in the material should automatically close again. This is the only way to achieve a long life of dartboard and avoid bouncers. These occur namely in wear of the material increasingly.

Soft dart (e-dartboards), however, are made entirely of plastic. They are offered in the variant 2-hole and 3 whole.

Most models use the 2-hole system. The holes are supposed to hold the soft dart safely, but there are more and more rebounds in the soft darts, with soft dart, however, these are scored. Soft dart is not so much the material, but the quality of the installed electronics, crucial.


Dart is a fascinating sports that captivates an increasing audience. If your darts have been kindled, you will hopefully be in good hands with us. We hope that our dart purchase advice has helped you and you now find your ideal dartboards.