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how male rape at the hands of modern women is on the rise

how male rape at the hands of modern women is on the rise

After Matt* received horribly drunk on an evening out together with his girlfriend he needed nothing greater than to break down into mattress and sleep it off.

However his girlfriend had totally different concepts.

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Shockingly, beneath British regulation, rape is an offence that may solely be dedicated by a person, image posed by mannequin

“She started trying to have sex with me and I told her I did not want to as I was drunk and very tired and felt sick,” he recollects.

“She didn’t take no for an answer and started hurting me, forcing herself on me, hands around my neck, telling me I would do it or she would kill me. I didn’t know how to face her the morning after. I felt shameful and violated.”

They’re feelings that many feminine victims of a intercourse assault will recognise – and if Matt was a lady then no-one can be in any doubt that this was rape.

However a person being raped by a lady is one thing that’s typically talked about.

 There's a notion that men should fell lucky to engage in any sort of sexual activity, picture posed by model

There is a notion that males ought to fell fortunate to interact in any type of sexual exercise, image posed by mannequin

The notion that males all the time take pleasure in all varieties of sexual exercise, no matter the context, persists, with many asking whether or not it’s even potential.

Extremely, it’s not unlawful for a lady to pressure a person to have intercourse as beneath British regulation, rape is an offence that may solely be dedicated by a person.

However shockingly the phenomenon of ‘forced-to-penetrate’ instances is on the rise, spurred on by empowered millennial women being extra more likely to have coerced males into intercourse than earlier generations.

A ground-breaking research which examines the extent to which males have been pressured to take part in non-consensual intercourse – and the influence it has had on them has simply been revealed.

 Dr Siobhan Weare decided to undertake her research because she believed there was little known about 'forced to penetrate' cases

Dr Siobhan Weare

Dr Siobhan Weare determined to undertake her analysis as a result of she believed there was little recognized about ‘pressured to penetrate’ instances

Dr Siobhan Weare of Lancaster College Regulation Faculty, who led the research, has shed fascinating mild on these ‘forced to penetrate’ instances – so named as a result of such instances are excluded from the authorized definition of rape.

Till now, they’ve remained hitherto largely unexplored and ignored by society and researchers however right here Solar On-line tells their unimaginable story.

Intercourse at 14 with the babysitter

Recruited by way of phrase of mouth and social media, the research was supported by Survivors Manchester, a charity supporting males who’ve skilled sexual violation.

Its Chief Government Duncan Craig is aware of solely too properly the double requirements that may underpin our strategy to intercourse crime.

 The character of Mrs Robinson, played by Anne Bancroft, seduces the young man played by Dustin Hoffman

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The character of Mrs Robinson, performed by Anne Bancroft, seduces the younger man performed by Dustin Hoffman

“The notion of male victims and female perpetrators is one of society’s last taboos – yet in reality this has always gone on,” he says.

“When Siobhan approached me about her research I had a shopper who had been engaged in sexual exercise by his babysitter when he was 14 and she or he was 30.

“It had let him with many points about relationships however for years he hadn’t ever actually seen it as abuse,” he says.

“Instead he felt like he should be thankful for what he called his ‘Mrs Robinson’ experience but when he began to talk about it he realised the power dynamic that had been at play.”

 In 1967 film The Graduate, a young man is seduced by an older woman

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In 1967 movie The Graduate, a younger man is seduced by an older lady

An erection doesn’t all the time imply you’re turned on

There’s a well-liked perception that if a person is aroused then he have to be prepared.

“Actually that’s simply not true,” says Dr Weare. “Male sexual arousal is a physiological response to stimulus – you can be aroused even if you are anxious or fearful or upset.”

Linked to this is the entrenched perception that women are someway incapable of committing sexual violence.
“In phrases of the knowledge we all know that women are disproportionately affected as victims.

“However, what isn’t discussed is that women can and do commit sexual crimes,” she says.

 For the victims of male rape, the crime can have lasting effects, picture posed by model

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For the victims of male rape, the crime can have lasting results, image posed by mannequin

The 150-plus males who took half in Dr Weare’s research can testify in any other case.

Ranging in age from 18 to 70, for many the incidents had taken place once they have been between the ages of 16-25, though that they had occurred at all ages – the earliest at two, the oldest at 61.

Blackmailed into intercourse

One other shopper of Craig’s was going by means of a divorce and felt obliged and manipulated into having to have some type of sexual exercise together with his soon-to-be-ex spouse. If he didn’t she would make it troublesome for him to see his youngsters.

“He didn’t have the money to go through the family court system so she was using the children as a form of blackmail,” says Craig.

 Male rape doesn't technically exist as a crime, since rape requires penetration, picture posed by model

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Male rape does not technically exist as a criminal offense, since rape requires penetration, image posed by mannequin

“He didn’t want to do it and that led to feelings of shame and inadequacy, that he wasn’t a real man. But would you want to have sex with someone you no longer liked? Why are we assuming that boys should feel lucky but girls should be abused.”

Pressurised into intercourse on a date

Dr Cindy Struckman-Johnson, a psychology professor at the College of Dakota additionally is aware of solely too properly the cynicism that may underpin the notion of males as intercourse assault victims.

Three many years in the past, as a fledgling psychology professor, she undertook a campus survey about date rape. Largely aimed at women, when the survey got here again the outcomes stunned her.

“While about 22 per sex of women said they had been pressurised into having sex on a date 16 per cent of men said the same thing,” she recollects.

“At the time I didn’t perceive that – and that was echoed down the street once I introduced my findings at a convention the place the public response was one of disbelief.

 While about 22 per sex of women said they had been pressurised into having sex on a date, 16 per cent of men said the same thing, picture posed by models

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Whereas about 22 per intercourse of women stated that they had been pressurised into having intercourse on a date, 16 per cent of males stated the similar factor, image posed by fashions

“Playboy magazine ran a cartoon showing a woman chasing a man with a big net. It was the gist of many articles at the time – the prevailing stereotype is that any man would be perfectly thrilled to be pursued.”

But after enterprise a number of interviews with college students on campus she is aware of this to be a harmful fable.
“Several had been profoundly affected,” she says.

My ex broke in and demanded intercourse

“In a single case, a scholar had cut up up together with his girlfriend who couldn’t recover from the break up and pursued him for intercourse.

“One night time he was preparing for a date and his ex broke in and was pounding on the door of his bathe demanding intercourse. He needed to wrestle her out the door. After that he suffered PTSD and didn’t need to be round women.”

She recollects one other case through which a scholar confided how a woman he had seen as a platonic pal had taken him out on his birthday, received him very drunk after which had intercourse with him.

 In one case a woman couldn't understand why her male friend was so upset when she forced him into sex, picture posed by models

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In a single case a lady could not perceive why her male pal was so upset when she pressured him into intercourse, image posed by fashions

“When he woke up she had brought him doughnuts and didn’t understand why was so upset,” Dr Struckman-Johnson says. “But as he told me he wanted his first time to be with someone of his choice. Can you imagine how people would feel if the roles were reversed?”

Actually, as Dr Weare factors out, the majority of tales from male victims echo these of women.

“Most reflect what we know about sexual violence in general,” she says. “Commonly the victims were or had been in relationships with the perpetrator, or knew them.”

Some reported having been rendered incapacitated by means of alcohol, whereas a fifth stated some variety of coercion was concerned, together with blackmail threats.

My ex-girlfriend stated she’d kill herself

Like Steven*, a thirty-something who reported how he had been emotionally blackmailed into intercourse by his ex-girlfriend after he tried to finish the relationship.

“She became extremely emotional and began saying that she was going to commit suicide because she couldn’t handle it,” he advised Dr Weare.

 Samantha Ray Mears, 19, was arrested after she allegedly forced her boyfriend to have sex with her

Samantha Ray Mears, 19, was arrested after she allegedly pressured her boyfriend to have intercourse together with her

Terrified, he capitulated to intercourse towards his will. “I couldn’t clarify it however it felt as if I’d been made to have intercourse and been raped.

“I’ve by no means talked to anybody about it as a result of they wouldn’t perceive how I might have had intercourse towards my will however it occurred.”

Threatened with a machete

In a current case in the USA, 19-year-old Samantha Mears was reported to have hid in her boyfriend’s home in Montana with a machete and compelled him to have intercourse together with her.

She was charged with aggravated housebreaking and assault – one other reflection of the double requirements round feminine intercourse crime. At current, she is unfit for trial.

 The teenager was arrested after the boyfriend managed to dial 911 and escape

The teenager was arrested after the boyfriend managed to dial 911 and escape

In the UK, whereas a forced-to-penetrate case might be tried as sexual assault or ‘causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent’ they’re lesser offences with totally different sentencing buildings and parameters in comparison with the offence of rape.

It’s undoubtedly one cause why solely two males in Dr Weare’s research stated that that they had reported their expertise to the police and in each situations the case didn’t make it to courtroom.

“Legally they are very aware that what has happened to them isn’t rape but it feels like it is rape,” she says.

“While the majority didn’t experience physical injuries there was a great deal of emotional impact from severe anxiety and depression to suicide attempts.”

 Duncan Craig from Survivors Manchester says that there are double standards when it comes to approaching sex crimes


Duncan Craig from Survivors Manchester says that there are double requirements in relation to approaching intercourse crimes

Eighty %, in the meantime, didn’t disclose their expertise to household or buddies, suggesting that males are left feeling remoted and alone.

“A lot of men said they had found it difficult to trust women or form relationships,” she says. “Shame was a key emotion.”

Empowered millennials driving the rise

But newer analysis suggests an ever extra urgent have to deliver these instances into the open.

A current research by Dr Struckman-Johnson means that the flip-side in elevated sexual empowerment and gender equality has paved the means for a rise in forced-to-penetrate instances in current many years.

“Women feel more free and empowered so they feel more willing to cross the line.”

Preliminary findings in different ongoing research undertaken by Dr Struckman-Johnson, in the meantime, recommend that millennials want extra novelty and journey of their sexual lives.

“Sensation seeking is higher among women today which I think may also come into play,” she says.

It’s one purpose she believes the focus on consent which has swept school campuses must contain each genders.

“This issue has been so female focused that people haven’t been able to break away and broaden it,” she says. “That needs to change – and fast.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Duncan Craig. “There was so much of speak in current months about poisonous masculinity however I’m unsure we’re speaking about the proper factor – I feel we ought to be speaking about poisonous stereotypes which aren’t wholesome for males or women,” he says.

With so many harrowing tales on the market, maybe this can be the subsequent #MeToo.

*Names have been modified
For assist and help, contact the #5MillionMen Nationwide Male Survivors Helpline: 0808 800 5005

Dr Siobhan Weare is persevering with her analysis on this space. In case you are a person who has been affected by the points mentioned, and are concerned about sharing your story as half of her analysis, please go to

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