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Welcome to Aquarius Season, my loves! A method to think about Aquarius Season is as a direct response to Capricorn Season. Think about that Capricorn values authority and construction, exhausting work and status. Aquarius flies within the face of all that. Aquarius is the alien, the outsider, the fairy godmother, the wizard, the magical stranger, the unique customer. Aquarius rebels towards the institutions that Capricorn builds and upholds. As an alternative, Aquarius innovates and invents new ways of being, new buildings to protect us, new means of connecting with each other.

Aquarius is the sign of the longer term. It challenges us to assume massive, to go further and above all, to never conform. If there’s an indication that waves a freak flag, Aquarius is it! As we move via this next cycle, permit yourself to be an honorary Aquarian. Get freaky. Problem the established order. Don’t diminish your eccentricity. Let your uniqueness pave your means forwards. Being bizarre is a blessing and we’d like extra of it now than ever earlier than. The place you permit the uninhibited expression of your entire self, you pave the best way for others to do the same. In the Tarot, Aquarius is dominated by eighteenth card, The Star. Be a star. Mild up the dark round you.

The New Moon in Aquarius will happen on Monday, February 4th at 1:03 PM (PST). And this can be a critically sweet and potent moon, with the Sun and Moon at 15 levels Aquarius and Mercury sitting close by at 19 levels. Mercury is the planet of communication which signifies that this New Moon is a rare window where you find it simpler to speak deeply with yourself. Your internal Solar and internal Moon have a transparent slate to start out their relationship over. Keep in mind that New Moon’s are initiating energies. And the Moon, because the closest heavenly body to Earth, rules over our feelings, our needs and our coronary heart. This New Moon is an invite into a brand new emotional cycle and how you honor those needs in your life! And with all this occurring within the electric and cosmic sign of Aquarius, the question it is best to actually be asking is this: How does MY heart need to contribute to the world?

I might recommend putting apart a bit personal time on Moonday (ie. Monday). Perhaps even sit someplace darkish, flip off the lights or simply shut your eyes. Place your arms on your heart middle and ask this necessary question: How does MY HEART need to contribute to the world? There’s no proper reply, there’s just your reply. Perhaps there are many answers. The point isn’t to lock it down, the point is that you simply’re starting this deeper dialog with your heart.

Once I think about the Aquarius New Moon I take into consideration the James Baldwin quote: We will make America what America must grow to be. We build a brand new future by altering how we interact with the current. And if we might let our hearts encounter the world, not our heads, imagine the world we might give start to. By making use of the unique contribution of your coronary heart toward the building of a extra aligned future is actually tapping into what this New Moon in Aquarius power is all about.

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You’ll notice the design of the playing cards I selected for your Tarotscopes is totally different this moonth. As an Aquarian myself, I couldn’t assist however feel the decision to shake shit up. In the spirit of eccentricity and innovation, I’ve used Salvador Dali’s Tarot Common. He wasn’t an Aquarius, he was truly another Fastened Sign, Taurus. But my hope is that by getting into into his distinctive visible fashion, your relationship with the Tarot expands and deepens. Aquarius guidelines over Know-how, Humanity and in addition Medicine. It was Dali himself who stated, “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” I feel that by getting into into his visual world, we do enter an altered state. And on this altered state we will achieve power and insight over our every day life and the deeper waters during which we swim.

You’ll discover your Collective and Particular person Tarotscopes under. Read for your Solar Sign. If you already know your Rising Signal, read that too! Keep in mind these messages are meant to encourage and empower you to life your greatest life.


Five of Pentacles

Five of pentacles

The card I pulled for all of us this moonth is the Five of Pentacles. I need to remind you that Fives in the Tarot are sacred contractions. They ask us to develop lean, in order that we’re prepared for the enlargement to return. The Fives aren’t straightforward, however they’re necessary. The message they often deliver is: Break down to break via. We have to cease and see where we’re hitting our heads towards the wall. We need to honor that sure points of our life have successful a all-time low. As soon as we accept that, we modify it. But we will’t maintain strolling round pretending like we aren’t always engaged in a deep wrestle.

Five of Pentacles says time to let that wrestle go. See it, thank it, say goodbye. That’s how Japanese tidying professional Marie Kondo suggests parting with physical objects, by thanking it before you eliminate it. And her new show has inspired the nation to start out getting clear with their intentions around physical possessions. I feel the rationale we are all so collectively taken with this idea is as a result of we, as a country, have turn into overly cluttered. All of us are hoarders indirectly. And I don’t simply imply with bodily stuff but that’s a wonderfully good place to start out. The Five of Pentacles will help us slice out the previous, the unintentional, the ineffective, ideas, feelings and junk we’ve let overrun our lives. It’s identical to taking a breath. Out with the previous. In with the new.


10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles

What is the distinction between scarcity and abundance? What is the shift that brings somebody from rock bottom again to the top of the mountain? Why is Oprah so fucking rich and the rest of us nonetheless struggling? The reply to all of those questions is GRATITUDE. This moonth, while in your season, is your crash course in up-leveling your gratitude recreation. Take note of what you’ve gotten will all the time deliver you more, while listening to what you lack will whittle away the valuable little you own. This card, the 10 of Pentacles, is the wealth card. It speaks to abundance and reward. However well being is wealth too. So, too, is having a roof over your head, a healthy dog, a automotive that runs, pals that love you, work that satisfies you, the daylight on your face, the odor of recent brewed espresso… Abundance takes many types. However it’s yours for the taking this cycle, so notice how blessed you’re and put together your to obtain the blessings. Begin by wanting round you. It’s chessy AF but the present is known as a gift for a cause. It’s the place you’re most empowered and blessed. Right right here, precisely where you’re.

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6 of Cups

6 of Cups

Sixes within the Tarot are the expansions that come from having contracted within the Fives. In the case of Cups, the Six is the candy nectar that soothes the grief of the 5. It is the healing card. And it invites its recipient into the therapeutic waters of pleasure and serenity. It calls forth the internal youngster, that pure being in all of us, to step forward and declare their rightful place. But a few of us have inside wounded youngsters– let’s be actual, most of us have inside wounded youngsters. So what can we do to heal our internal youngster? We father or mother it. We’ve an inside mom and pop simply as a lot as an internal baby. And this card challenges you to be the truthful and loving mum or dad that you simply lacked whenever you have been youthful. Therapeutic asks us to notice the place prior to now we acquired caught, in order that we will rewrite our relationship to it and transfer forwards unhindered by our circumstances. Where is your inside baby still getting caught? And how are you going to unstick it for good?

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7 of Pentacles

7 of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is a very practical card. It speaks to us concerning the intersection of life’s two most valuable assets, your time and your power. Simply put, are using it correctly? As a result of in case you don’t like apples, why are you operating an entire orchard? You already know what I’m saying? Have you ever been spending an excessive amount of of your time or your power on issues that aren’t going to develop into belongings you like? As a result of I consider the universe provides us extra of what we have already got– so should you don’t need more, stop doing it. At its essence, the Seven of Pentacles asks us to actually contemplate what we are tending with our time and power. What are you growing with your life? Life is lengthy nevertheless it’s not infinite. We have now time however not limitless time. The Seven of Pentacles is a get up call to make sure that you’re not mendacity to yourself and wasting your time building a dream you wouldn’t even need to stay in. Time to vary your path and chart a course for pleasure.

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10 of Swords Rx

10 of Swords (reversed)

A very long time ago I was a smoker. Like half a pack a day. And sometimes I might get up within the morning and assume: I might give up in the present day. Now some days I might roll over, seize a cig and immediately ignore the thought. However different occasions I might seize that opportunity and I might give up– for like a couple of weeks. I inform you this story because the Ten of Wands is rather a lot like these windows. There are moments in life, portals, that present up and if we are prepared we will leap by means of them. They’re cosmic shortcuts they usually don’t last lengthy. The Ten of Wands is considered one of these shortcuts via the slings and arrows of your mind. This card signifies that you’re awake enough to comprehend that there isn’t any master above yourself. You’re your own guru and in consequence, you’ll have to shepherd yourself. But the time is ripe to go away all that previous conditioning and programming behind. You’re free in case you step via the portal, however you must step.

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The Hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit is just that, the invitation inwards. The Hermit revels in solitude because he is by no means lonely. Quite the opposite, the Hermit takes to himself as a result of in his aloneness he connects most deeply together with his coronary heart. In his profound aloneness he meets his ancestors. In his profound aloneness he connects with the oneness of all issues. The Hermit is a reasonably trippy dude, excessive on esoteric knowledge, absolutely committed to looking for the innermost fact. He represents a call, a call from your own internal instructor. Will you heed the decision? It should require setting aside a while. It should require the initial uncomfortableness of dealing with yourself with out distraction. Many individuals are afraid of the Hermit as a result of this can be a world of distraction and the Hermit sees it like the poison it is. The Hermit is aware of that the one true drugs is self-knowledge and there is no alternative for it. This moonth is your Hermit Moonth, charming Gemini. Flip all the best way inwards. Stoke your own inside flame.

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The Hierophant Rx

Hierophantos is a Greek phrase meaning priest. And in Historic Greece the Hierophantos have been precisely that. They have been a sacred interpreter of initiatory rites. But they were not the sacred itself. We’d consider them because the Pope or the Shaman. They served as the bridge between peculiar reality and the invisible world. This card symbolizes the esoteric types of a religious custom with a view to achieve that transcendent esoteric wisdom. However I’ve been considering of the Hierophant just a little in another way lately. The Hierophant is dominated by Taurus, an earth signal, practical and tangible. So what if this card signifies a portal opening up? There’s a bodily opening in your world that’s inviting you into a mysterious and religious awakening. You job isn’t to know it, however quite bounce during it. The proper books are showing on your path, the appropriate academics too. Let your deeper learning start. As long as you carve out the time and area for your awakening, Spirit will find you and lead you where it’s essential go.

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4 of Swords Rx

4 of Swords (reversed)

The 4 of Swords symbolize a clearing in our lives. A grassy patch of earth beneath a clear blue sky. We sit down and we look again in the direction of the dark tangled woods. Now that we’re protected in this clearing we will begin to think about what actually occurred again there, in the woods of our previous. The trauma is over. You’re protected. Now, before you progress forwards and make the identical mistakes, you will need to look back and study the final painful lessons of your progress. You could not really feel like you might have the time for this kind of self-reflection right now– however it’s crucial that you simply achieve this. What we resist, persists. This can be a large opportunity for you to interrupt out of a very previous cycle, however so as to break it for good, you need to see how it operated, how it ensnared you, the way you have been complicit in partnering with it. Only by mining our failures and shame, our trauma and toxic relationships, can we guarantee a new adventure unshadowed by our previous. The 4 of Swords is the place you sit down and clear you coronary heart of the previous, however not before including a couple of more pearls to your strand of wisdom.

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Knight of Pentacles Rx

Knight of Pentacles (reversed)

The Knight of Pentacles is the workhorse of the deck. He’s received his head down and his nose to the grindstone. But he’s not just a employed hand. The Knight is the producer, the person who knows methods to move a venture along. The Knight understands the sensible magic required to take an concept and spin it into actuality. You’re this power, this moonth, mild Virgo. You’re the drive essential to make progress happen. But I’m feeling you doubting your own power. Now just isn’t the time to take heed to your internal critic. Put them on maintain, ok honey? Your job is to maintain pushing the vision along. Hold working exhausting, hold the constructive end result in thoughts and don’t fear if it looks like it’s taking ceaselessly. You will succeed. This dream is eager to be manifest via you. It can assist you. But it’s a must to act first. Let the dream find you toiling away. Then it is going to happily assist.

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King of Cups

I actually love Dali’s interpretation of this card because it speaks to all the sides of what it means to be a healer. The King of Cups is the emotional magus of the deck. A King of Hearts, his personal and others. He is therapist and nurse, storyteller and confessor to all the themes of his kingdom. He renews and restores everybody with whom he is available in contact. But he also knows his limits. He sets firm boundaries to protect himself and his topics. I feel the King of Cups is any human who has been via hell and back and may say, hey, I survived. I know what it’s like. And I can understand you. The King of Cups Will be the strongest card in the deck. Because there’s nothing more highly effective than being seen clearly and utterly. There’s nothing extra highly effective than being accepted precisely as you’re. Your activity this moonth is to carry that kind of non-judgmental healing area for others. How can anybody utterly love and settle for another person? By beginning with themselves.

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Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

Recreation over. Start once more. Have you been feeling all the forces of your life making an attempt to get you to cease and start over? As a result of they have been, gurl. They’ve been working additional time to get your attention. The Ace of Swords represents a lighting bolt in your mind chemistry that initiates a BRAND NEW STORY for your life. What in the event you have been a legend that your descendants informed around a campfire? What would that epic story be? We must think about the private Myths we make with the dwelling of our lives. Is your story one which empowers you to tackle your day? Or is your story a sad ballad that sucks you dry? This is the season for a new story. Ditch your previous. Clear out your head. Your thoughts are stale and coated in worry. Significantly though, it is advisable to get out of your head and get into a new angle. I know that is simpler stated than completed. However the Ace of Swords, particularly on this direct position, reflects that you’re being uniquely assisted right now to do this. So don’t delay. It should never be easier than right now to release your inherited programming, all those previous fear-based beliefs passed down by your ancestors, and step into a clean and clear coronary heart that may deliver you to the shores of your goals.

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Four of Cups Rx

Four of Cups (reversed)

Hey Get together Gurl, even the get together has to take a break sometime or else the social gathering stops being fun. And I feel even you’d admit that being the life of the get together has misplaced its attraction. Don’t worry. You’ll be able to nonetheless be the shining nightlife fixture you all the time have been. However for the subsequent few weeks, sober up from the brilliant lights and the large city. Take some time to sift via your heart. The Four of Cups needs to companion with you to assist construct a new emotional basis for your yr to return. But in an effort to construct that basis you must stop dancing on the floorboards. Step outdoors your home, your heart. What do you see? What wants coping with? Think of this next moonth as rehab for your heart. You’re going to get sober from the belongings you do to numb your senses. You’re going to get up from the self-induced sleep you set yourself in. You are a shiny, glowing, fact in search of, hearth goddess– but I want you to take some time away from the world so you’ll be able to keep in mind your personal value, not in your reflection, however in your personal expertise of your brilliance. The things we love lose their luster once we over-indulge. Be strict with your self this month and subsequent moonth you’ll have earned your revelry.

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Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is when our spirit catches on hearth. It’s an enormous bang of connection and creativity. I all the time think about the Ace of Wands like a lightning bolt that illuminates the sky. You feel into the crackling electricity of your personal relationship to the cosmos. And now you can start to have some enjoyable bringing this dynamic power to the place your life is feeling stuck. You are the firecracker that have to be lit. In case you are feeling bored or stagnant, it’s your job to keep yourself engaged. Think about the place the movement of power has gotten blocked after which tear that dam down. Or maybe you’re being tasked with lighting your friends or bosses or staff on hearth. The eagerness and pleasure of the Ace of Wands needs to be transmitted via you. Get others as fired up about your goals and objectives as you’re. The more they will feel your passion the extra catching will probably be!

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BRANDON ALTER is a queer healer, Tarot reader, instructor and writer dwelling in Los Angeles. He is enthusiastic about sharing religious tools that have helped him reconnect to the wisdom of his heart. He’s the Tarot reader in residence for The Numinous and he co-hosts The Religious Gayz together with his husband, a twice-monthly podcast dedicated to exploring the extensive reaches of spirituality, without pretending that all of it is sensible. Brandon’s mom took him to his very first psychic when he was seven and gave him his first Tarot deck when he was eleven. Since then he has devoted himself to the research of Tarot, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Astrology and Shamanic Expertise.

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