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Chinese Entrepreneur Risks Life to Expose Persecution in China

Chinese Entrepreneur Risks Life to Expose Persecution in China

Dealing with injustice in his house of China, the profitable businessman Yu Ming has sought to inform the world about what he has seen.

To show the torture that was part of China’s preparations for the Olympic Games, he orchestrated an escape attempt from a labor camp that feels like something from Hollywood; he wrote articles about how prisoners have been used to help publish pirated books, stealing the authors’ intellectual property; he labored with China’s fledgling human rights legal professionals to attraction by means of China’s courts for redress; and having fled to the USA, he now tells his story.

In early August 2008, whereas the world was amazed by the grand, breath-taking opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, 35-year-old entrepreneur Yu Ming was bedridden in a hospital affiliated with the notorious Masanjia Pressured Labor Camp after having suffered long-term, severe torture.

He had been shocked by high-voltage electric batons. For three months he was locked inside a special iron cage, in which he might neither stand nor sleep. As soon as he was dragged downstairs together with his face dealing with down and his head knocking bitterly on each of the steps.

Yu Ming is greeted by his spouse and son at San Francisco International Airport on Jan. 27, 2019. (The Epoch Occasions)

This was his third time being imprisoned for working towards the religious self-discipline Falun Gong, which has been persecuted in China since July 1999.

Yu started working towards Falun Gong in 1996, by way of the introduction of a buyer. The client had given a replica of Falun Gong’s primary textual content, Zhuan Falun, to his wife.

At that time Yu was already a profitable entrepreneur in Shenyang Metropolis, the capital of Liaoning Province in northeast China. His style business would later rent over 100 staff, and provide jobs to another 1000 staff in six state-owned suppliers.

So both his buyer and his wife thought he wasn’t the kind of one that would have an interest in a religious follow, they usually didn’t show him the guide. Nevertheless, the more they needed to “hide” the e-book from him, the extra Yu needed to discover out what it was about.

So he grabbed the e-book from his wife and completed studying six of the e-book’s 9 lectures in one night time. The subsequent morning, he started looking for a Falun Gong follow website in the park, the place he might study the apply’s workouts.

Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, consists of 5 meditative, sluggish motion workouts and teachings based mostly on the rules of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. Its adherents have reported typically extraordinary improvements in health, together with much less stress, higher relations with family and colleagues, and a better sense of the aim of their lives.

In 1992, Mr. Li Hongzhi started educating Falun Gong publicly—previously this historic apply had solely been handed down from one grasp to one disciple—and it instantly started spreading throughout China by word of mouth.

By 1999, Western media have been reporting 100 million individuals in China had taken up the follow. The then-dictator, Jiang Zemin feared the massive quantity of people who had begun doing something outdoors of the control of the Chinese Communist Celebration (CCP), and he feared the Chinese individuals may discover its conventional ethical teachings more engaging than communist ideology, which is predicated on materialism, atheism, and class wrestle.

In July 1999, Jiang turned all the assets of the party-state towards Falun Gong, which led, among other issues, to Yu being in his hospital bed in 2008.

A Profitable But Failed Escape

With the strategy of the Beijing Olympics, Yu saw increasingly more individuals arriving on the camp, sentenced for “planning to commit robbery” or “preparing to steal.”

In accordance to an Epoch Occasions report, in order to make sure the “safety” of Beijing earlier than the Olympics in 2008, over three million individuals have been driven out of the capital metropolis, more than 60,000 homes have been demolished, and over one million individuals have been taken to labor camps.

Inside the camp, the torture and terror have been accelerating in order to “transform” the Falun Gong practitioners—forcing them to surrender their beliefs, identify others who practiced Falun Gong, and profess loyalty to the Communist Get together.

Yu couldn’t bear to see harmless individuals tortured so terribly. Plus, he believed that the surface world ought to know what had happened in China after Beijing was granted the best to host the Olympics: As an alternative of enhancing its human rights as anticipated by the worldwide group, the Communist regime was persecuting and even killing individuals due to the Olympics.

Yu determined to expose this.

But how? He made a plan.

According to his plan, two fellow Falun Gong practitioners would escape from the camp, after which attempt to get in touch with overseas journalists who have been in Beijing to cowl the Olympics, in a hope that the state of affairs in the camp might draw some consideration.

A drawing displaying the kind of cage in which Yu Ming was as soon as imprisoned for three months in this manner. (

Due to the less tight security in the hospital, Yu one way or the other managed to pay money for cell telephones, some cash and, most significantly, a saw blade.

As many labor camp inmates would typically be despatched to the hospital after which taken back to the camp, by way of painstaking communications and sophisticated calculations, Yu was in a position to coordinate this escape from the hospital.

He discovered individuals outdoors the camp to come to these two escapees’ help after they fled the camp, and he found another individual to lease a place for them to disguise while the police can be madly looking for them.

And there was one other thing to think about: after the two practitioners escaped, the on-duty police guards and 22 fellow inmates from the same cell would undoubtedly be implicated and severely punished.

As any person who followed the teachings of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance, Yu didn’t need that to happen. He needed to treat these harmless bystanders with compassion.

So he managed to scrape together some sleeping tablets. He advised the doctor that he couldn’t sleep. When given sleeping drugs, he pretended to swallow them down in front of the nurse, however in reality hid them in his different hand.

In this approach he saved bit by bit enough tablets to put all of the inmates and guards in his cell to sleep on the day of the escape. If they have been put to sleep when the escape happened, they wouldn’t be held liable for not preventing it.

On Aug. 11, 2008, the plan was carried out. The iron bars of a window of the cell have been reduce and broken, the 2 practitioners climbed down from the third flooring of the building utilizing a rope made out of quilt.

Every part went easily. They have been picked up on the proper time, righty place by the suitable individuals, till…The second one that rented the place for them to stay didn’t present up.

No one knew what had gone mistaken. Yu had to organize to have his wife Ma Li decide up these two escapees and conceal them at his own residence, figuring out very nicely that this was too risky.

Positive sufficient, three days later, a whole lot of policemen, some armed with guns, surrounded your complete residential space of Yu’s residence, and took away the 2 escapees, in addition to Ma Li.

This virtually profitable escape in the course of the Beijing Olympics from the “model” labor camp drove the very best leaders of communist regime mad. The escape was categorised as a “major incident”; a minimum of 7 cops have been fired, and two deputy directors of the camp have been punished.

Yu and the two practitioners who had escaped have been tortured ferociously.

A drawing displaying the torture of being hung by one’s arms that Yu Ming was subjected to after the attempted escape from Masanjia Labor Camp. He was hung like this for a month. (

Yu was hung to a door, together with his arms stretched up, and his ft hardly touching the bottom. He was hung in this place for over a month, day and night time. Typically he could possibly be released when he needed to relieve himself; typically the police wouldn’t launch him even when he wanted to relieve himself. So he took as little as potential of the meals or water that was pushed into his mouth.

He almost died because of this.

The opposite two have been tortured worse, Yu stated. The labor camp was given two “death quotes” after this incident, which suggests, the labor camp might torture two persons to dying without being held accountable.

As a matter of reality, Yu had been about to be released on Sept. 2. If he had not planned the escape, he might have been released in only about 20 days.

After the profitable and then failed escape, aside from being tortured almost to dying, every of the three individuals involved was given one other yr in the camp.

Asked whether the attempt was worthwhile, especially provided that it didn’t succeed, Yu replied without any hesitation: “Yes, it was. We had to do it. More than ten fellow Falun Gong practitioners around me had already been tortured to death during the persecution. How could you measure the value of lives? I never regret risking my life to prevent more killings.”

Pirated Copies of Harry Potter Books

China’s labor camps exist to pressure prisoners of conscience to betray their beliefs, but they’re additionally money-making enterprises. They’re a source of cost-free labor.

Yu remembers how he and lots of others have been pressured to make pirated copies of the Harry Potter books in the labor camp.

“That was towards the end 2001, shortly after China joined the World Trade Organization. I was detained at Beijing Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp. We were forced to cut, fold, sort, and bind the sheets of Harry Potter and other books, in both English and Chinese, as well as several other languages. The books were printed somewhere else. After we finished binding them, they were then taken away.”

Yu and all the inmates in Brigade 6 labored over three months on the books.

Yu remembers piles of printed sheets a few meter high could possibly be seen all over the place in the hall and corridors of the ground where Brigade No. 6 was situated. Brigade 3 and 5 have been working on the books as nicely.

The whole enterprise had a dreary feel to it. Individuals delivered the printed sheets to the pressured labor camp furtively, and the automobiles used to carry the sheets seemed pretty worn out. The print quality was extraordinarily poor: The paper appeared yellowish and had misprints and marks all over the place.

In order to get extra books ready before the Chinese New Yr and to sell them to students through the winter holidays, the police pressured detainees to work for very long hours, typically all night time, with out giving them any pay.

Yu estimated that they might have made a whole lot of hundreds of these pirated copies in these few months.

Yu stated he truly uncovered this in a collection of articles as early as 2004, in a hope that J. Okay. Rowling, the writer of the Harry Potter collection, or the approved publishers of the books, might be alerted in order that an investigation could possibly be carried out to shield each the rights and pursuits of the writer and publishers, as well as that of the detainees.

Overseas journalists interview Chinese rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong in Beijing on Might 2, 2012. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Pictures)

Yu Features Freedom While His Legal professionals Are Jailed

Since 2009, after being released for the third time, Yu started working with some legal professionals who later turned well-known as main figures among China’s rights defense legal professionals, to attempt to defend jailed Falun Gong practitioners. Among them have been Wang Quanzhang, Wang Yu, Dong Qianyong, Jiang Tianyong, and others.

On Aug. 29, 2013, while attending his nephew’s wedding ceremony, Yu was arrested for the fourth time. Over a dozen other Falun Gong practitioners in Shenyang Metropolis have been arrested too.

CCP chief Xi Jinping was going to go to the town on the following day, and Yu and other practitioners have been arrested as a “precaution,” so that they couldn’t stage any protests or appeals throughout Xi’s visit.

After learning about Yu’s arrest, a number of legal professionals who used to work with him began to work on his case too, however he was sentenced to four years all the identical.

As well as, his legal professionals, Wang Quanzhang, Wang Yu, and Dong Qianyong have been all arrested throughout an infamous crackdown on July 9, 2015, in which greater than 200 Chinese legal professionals and human rights activists have been arrested.

After serving his four years in jail, Yu was launched in 2017.

At the finish of 2018, he managed to escape to Thailand, where he was in a position to acquire a visa to america. His spouse had already gained refugee status from the American authorities.

On Jan 27, 2019, after spending almost 12 years in labor camps and jails, Yu lastly joined his wife, daughter and son in San Francisco.

Nevertheless, on the identical day that Yu gained freedon, his lawyer Wang Quanzhang, after being secretly detained for more than three years, was sentenced to four years and a half in prison.

Yu Wensheng, a 52 lawyer who defended Wang Quanzhang, can also be at present detained at Xuzhou Detention Middle.

Yu Ming arrives at the courtroom in Shenyang City on Nov. 20, 2014. (screenshot from CCTV/The Epoch Occasions)

Twisting the Details, in the US and China

Yu stated the general public had no method to know what truly occurred at this fourth trial, on April 22, 2015. China Central TV (CCTV) edited and twisted the video and in specific defamed his lawyer, Wang Yu.

Li Dongxu, a feminine Falun Gong practitioner, was tried along with Yu. She tried to discuss her case, however guards harshly knocked her down and pressed her into her seat.

Li’s 84-year-old mom couldn’t endure seeing her daughter treated like this, and stood up to protest.

With the police guards apparently about to use pressure towards the 84-year-old lady, the lawyer Wang Yu left her seat to cease them. After she angrily condemned the police for his or her violence, Wang was dragged out of the courtroom.

Nevertheless, CCTV’s broadcasts informed a completely totally different story. After cautious re-editing and manipulating of the video of the trial, the CCTV was in a position to produce serval “news” pieces displaying Wang repeatedly leaving her seat to create “trouble” and make fairly a scene in the courtroom.

“People can hardly image how base CCTV is,” Yu stated. “What saddens me is, although I have solely stayed in Thailand and america for a very brief time period, I’ve ran into CCTV’s packages a lot of occasions at totally different places. Nevertheless, I’ve never seen any U.S. or Thailand TV packages in China.

“I think President Trump is very correct to insist on ‘reciprocity’ in the trade talks. I hope the same principle can be applied to the media sectors too.”

Businessman Yu Ming in Washington on Feb. 19, 2019. He arrived in the USA to be a part of his spouse and daughter in January 2019 via the help of the U.S. authorities, after being imprisoned for 12 years and tortured almost to dying in labor camps in China for his beliefs in Falun Gong. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Occasions)