10 of Britain's Greatest Eccentrics

Eccentricity is one of the good British pastimes. Historical past is full of figures who displayed peculiar quirks or held unusual beliefs, however these individuals managed to take it to new heights. Contents 1 10.

10 Reasons for the Start of the Cold War

On the April 30, 1945 Adolf Hitler dedicated suicide in the ruins of Berlin. Six days later Germany surrendered, bringing about the ultimate defeat of the Reich he had claimed would final for a thousand

10 Key Events That Defined the Cold War

Starting in 1947, a high stakes geopolitical recreation of chess kicked off between the United States and its “superpower” adversaries, China and the Soviet Union (aka USSR). Though no direct battles have been fought, a

10 Times People Were Saved by the Enemy

Conflict is the manifestation of the most excessive ranges of human conflict, as tensions culminate in mass violent action. In such circumstances, guidelines, codes of honor, and care are incessantly sacrificed as the objective of