Beyond Skin-Deep: How Fortnite Changed the Gaming Industry

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the fact that Fortnite has forever changed the gaming industry’s landscape. Whether you’re for or against these changes, they’re here to stay. Wondering what ways Epic Games’ Battle Royale shooter altered the scene? Here’s how it managed to not only do exactly that, but also achieve amazing Fortnite stats!

One of the Crucial Fortnite Stats: Revenue

Fortnite: Battle Royale isn’t the first free-to-play game that got big. That honor goes to League of Legends. However, it’s not Riot’s MOBA that won in the business side of things. Sure, the $1.4 billion that League of Legends made is nothing to scoff at. However, Fortnite managed to make $2.4 billion. To put that into perspective, Fortnite made 1 million dollars more than League of Legends.

So, how did it earn that much more? First, Fortnite reached a much wider audience. It attracted not only gamers of another genre, but even non-gamers as well. It also helps that Fortnite managed to reel in a lot of female gamers. There’s no Fortnite Tracker for the exact raw number, but women made up 35% of the player base–the highest it’s been for the genre.

With how big it got, it’s no surprise that the game became a household name and got the attention of not just the gaming world, but even the entire world of pop culture. It had official partnerships with a good number of movies, TV shows, and even artists. Wreck-it-Ralph has been on Fortnite. So have Marshmello and Travis Scott.

Mind you, these aren’t just simple cameos where you just see or play as them. Both Marshmello and Travis Scott had in-game concerts, which had millions of players watching. Wreck-it-Ralph, on the other hand, appears on certain theater screens in the game for a limited time, as a promotion for the sequel.

From the PC to Silver Screen

Perhaps one of the biggest crossovers for the game would be Thanos. This is because unlike being a mere cameo like Ralph, players got the chance to be the ultimate villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Epic Games included a mode where players either get the Infinity Gauntlet so they can become Thanos and gather Infinity Stones in order to win, or they don’t get the Infinity Gauntlet, which means they’ll have to kill Thanos to achieve victory.

Thanos had been in Fortnite, and Fortnite is in Avengers: Endgame. Games appearing on movies have become more and more common since the medium got bigger and more casual-friendly, but to be the one to appear in the highest-grossing movie of all time is definitely a huge honor. With Fortnite having become as much of a phenomenon as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it makes sense for Fortnite to be the one to hold it.

Get ‘Em While You Can

As for the second reason when it racked up 2.4 million bucks, here’s something to think about: is Fortnite’s greater popularity the only reason it became the bigger game that made more profit? Definitely not! Remember, both games are free to play, so even if Fortnite gets more players, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make more money through microtransactions.

Yes, Epic Games did something different to beat the indirect competition. One is through the season pass. For the uninitiated, it’s a purchasable limited-time access to limited-time content. Because there’s no guarantee when–or if–the content is still available once the season ends.

This sense of impermanent availability is what drives players into buying not only season passes but also skins. This is a huge contrast to other online games, where most microtransaction items are available all the time, or use a loot box system instead. With Epic’s way of enticing players to buy what they’re selling, could Blizzard and EA (which are notorious for lootboxes) follow suit? It’s not unlikely, as other smaller players already have.

Because of these factors, Fortnite managed to be a game-changer. And forever will this Battle Royale shooter be remembered as such. With how big Fortnite got and how much change it’s made, it’s going to take some time until we see another game like it. What do you think? Will Fortnite stand the test of time? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment or two!