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7 Horror Stories From Korean Traditional Folklore That Will Give You The Chills

7 Horror Stories From Korean Traditional Folklore That Will Give You The Chills

It’s that point of the yr once more once we begin breaking out costumes we have now stashed away, pumpkin every thing, and to not overlook, horror tales. Halloween wouldn’t be full and not using a good night time of horror tales round a circle of associates. And to assist boost these nights much more, we’ve rounded up a number of the most hair-raising tales from Korean conventional folklore. Assume you’ve got the chops to abdomen them? Flip off the lights, huddle up, and skim on!

9-Tailed Fox (Gumiho)

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9-tailed foxes are commonplace in folktales originating from Korea, China, and Japan. In accordance with these legends, a fox that lives for a thousand years can flip right into a fox spirit and shape-shift freely. Its most most popular type to take, although, can be that of an attractive younger woman who seduces males and makes a meal out of those unlucky souls.

The Korean fairy-tale “The Fox Sister” encompasses a couple with two sons who actually needed a daughter. Praying fervently for a daughter even when she have been a fox, the household have been certainly blessed with one. Nevertheless, the completely happy and idyllic story quickly took a flip for the gory when the household began to probe why their livestock was mysteriously dying off.

Investigations by the 2 sons culminated in accusations that their sister was the one accountable — accusations that their mother and father firmly rejected. Each sons have been proven the door, and once they later returned, they discovered that the one one left of their household residence was their sister. The night time of their return, the oldest son was roused from his sleep by a commotion solely to find that his youthful sister was truly a murderous fox spirit who had devoured the remainder of the household in order to turn into a human for actual.

In trendy occasions, nevertheless, you usually tend to discover nine-tailed foxes (or tamed representations of them) gallivanting round in Okay-dramas reminiscent of “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho,” “Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho,” and “Gu Family Book.” The unique folklore lends a contact of mysticism to those modern dramas via ideas like bodily transformations and the fox’s want for mortality. And enjoyable reality, whereas most nine-tailed foxes are portrayed as ladies, “Gu Family Book” interprets their fox spirits as males (who’re no much less charming than their feminine counterparts, it appears)!

They’ve even made an look on the beloved actuality present “Running Man,” the place Music Ji Hyo and the opposite feminine friends needed to acquire 9 tails so as to develop into human.

Virgin Ghost (Cheonyeo Gwisin)

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Overflowing lengthy hair and wearing white throughout? Likelihood is, what you bear in mind is a gwisin! In fact, “gwisin” is a reasonably generic phrase that interprets into “ghost,” they usually fall beneath the parable class of Korean supernatural tales. Tied to the land of the dwelling by unfulfilled duties and untold struggling, ghosts hang-out locations akin to deserted buildings, forests, and faculties.

Of the lot, probably the most notorious would in all probability be the virgin woman ghosts who lead a cursed existence for dying earlier than with the ability to perform their Confucian duties of serving her elders and future husband. Bitter and resentful, these malevolent spirits have been stated to terrorize their former villages till the village people made makes an attempt to appease them with . . . of all issues, phallic statues. Some statues have survived till this present day. Haesindang Park in Samcheok, for example, performs host to a set of them.

As fearsome as their status is, virgin ghosts seem in mainstream Korean media in a extra palatable type lately (assume much less revenge and extra love!). The drama “Oh My Ghostess” connects a lustful virgin ghost with an assistant chef in an ill-fated possession in order that the ghost can lose her virginity and efficiently transfer on to the afterlife.

In Lee Jung Hyun’s “V” music video, the age-old virgin ghost additionally will get a Okay-pop worthy revamp; the ratty tatty white gown is forged apart for a glamorous wedding ceremony gown, and the ghost herself hangs with a reasonably superior zombie girl-gang!

 Egg Ghost (Dalgyal Gwishin)

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You may need already guessed from the image, however sure, this particular sort of ghost known as an egg ghost for his or her clean and faceless look. Egg ghosts have many contemporaries such because the Noppera-bo in Japan and Mujina in Hawaii.

Depicted as impassive with slight statures, Korean egg ghosts are thought to have been childless people of their former lives. With out descendants to carry memorial rites for them, these spirits are regularly stripped of what humanity and character they as soon as had and are cursed to a wretched existence of their afterlives. Regardless that they haven’t any discernible motive, egg ghosts inevitably trigger prompt demise to anybody who sees them, milking life out of their victims the best way they as soon as skilled.

Water Ghost (Mul Gwishin)

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Born of victims of unintentional drownings, water ghosts are ghosts who inhabit water. Chained to the realm of the dwelling by the shackles of trauma, they don’t understand they’ve died and as an alternative avidly pursue different swimmers for assist, firm, or for sheer schadenfreude.

Subsequent time you’re in a physique of water and really feel one thing tugging on you, it is perhaps a water ghost at work making an attempt to duplicate its ill-fate on any person else. Whereas they’re often described as an invisible pressure that retains to their watery depths, such ghosts are typically portrayed with lengthy hair and arms that jut out of the stillness to seize at any unlucky swimmers.

Within the Korean horror film “Dear Friend,” water ghosts are out for a gaggle of excessive schoolers’ blood after the women used a Korean conventional oujia board (referred to as “bunshinsaba“) to conduct a séance and visited a spring in a forest.

Outhouse Goddess (Cheuksin)


Brutal and hostile, outhouse goddesses are goddesses of Korean traditional outhouses, which were dark and isolated from the main house. Manifesting as long-haired women, these deities lie in wait in the dark and groom their long tresses in preparation for their cruel misdeeds.

It is said that anyone who approaches the outhouse has to cough three times to alert the outhouse goddess of their presence and give her time to shy away. However, should one fail to do so, an exposed outhouse goddess would fly into a vicious rage and direct her hair to wrap around the victim’s neck and strangle them to death from her ceiling perch. Even if the unfortunate escape death, they would still be inflicted with a medley of maladies incurable by modern science.

If you think these are a thing of the past now that outhouses are not in use, you’re sadly mistaken. Toilet ghosts called “hoajangshil gwisins” are an in depth cousin, for they too reside in washrooms (though they hang-out unsuspecting customers rather more indiscriminately!).

In “Let’s Fight Ghost,” an exorcist named Bong Pal (2PM’s Taecyeon) bumps into one whereas he’s going about his enterprise brushing up within the washroom. Enshrouded in darkish mist, the long-haired lady would have floated previous till she realizes the exorcist can see her.

Grim Reaper (Jeoseung Saja)


From La Calavera Catrina in Mexico to the basic Grim Reaper adopted throughout the West, personifications of dying traverse cultures. In Korea, grim reapers maintain supreme as demise gods who reap the souls of the lifeless. Underneath the cost of Nice King Yŏmna, grim reapers escort souls from the land of the dwelling to the underworld upon their demise.

Though these demise gods make a number of appearances all through Korean conventional folklore, they’re regularly bested by their opponents who efficiently cheat demise. One of many uncommon tales during which a grim reaper is ready to perform his unearthly activity is “Myth of General Sineui.” On this folklore, a robust and succesful Basic Sineui makes an attempt to beat back the deathly prophet to no avail by planting a hoop of orange timber, piercing his head with a silver needle (determined occasions certainly name for determined measures), and preventing off legions of ghosts within the underworld. Every time, the unwavering dying god finds a option to thwart the good basic, alluding to the futility of dishonest dying.

Nevertheless, not all reapers have to leap by means of such arduous hoops in an effort to transport their costs to the nether realm. The one in “Goblin” carries out his duties seamlessly and and not using a fault, utilizing his supernatural powers to examine off his record of potential deaths (and typically, even inflicting them!). Tying previous and current to point out how the fates of the characters are intertwined, the drama additionally unveiled the beginnings of how a grim reaper involves be.

Goblin (Dokkaebi)

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Having introduced up grim reapers, we might be remiss if we didn’t give goblins the highlight they deserve too! Korean goblins are created by the religious possession of objects that maintain the stain of human blood. Bearing an arsenal of extraordinary powers and skills up their sleeves, these goblins are to not be taken frivolously, for nice duty doesn’t all the time include nice energy.

In a single conventional folktale, an previous man befriended a visiting goblin over drinks and conversations solely to get a impolite shock when he noticed his good friend’s reflection someday and realized he was turning into the creature! Feeling betrayed, the previous man doused his home with cow’s blood, stated to be the goblin’s worry, and efficiently deflected the sly goblin.

“Goblin” stays true to the goblin’s highly effective and harsh nature by enjoying up the historic reference to a basic’s bloodstained sword. Gleaming pink within the daylight with the blood of the troopers he had massacred, the sword turns into a mystical merchandise tied to the lifespan of the wily goblin thereafter.

Hey Soompiers, which of those folklores was the creepiest? Share with us your favourite horror tales or films, and we’ll be prepared with popcorn (dokkaebi-style)!

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