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5 YRS AGO – WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT (2-14-14): The Shield vs. Bryan & Sheamus & Christian, Cesaro vs. Orton, Vickie, Zeb, Miz, Rey, Kofi, Cody, Sandow, Fandango –

5 YRS AGO - WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT (2-14-14): The Shield vs. Bryan & Sheamus & Christian, Cesaro vs. Orton, Vickie, Zeb, Miz, Rey, Kofi, Cody, Sandow, Fandango -
Fandango (art credit score Grant Gould © PWTorch)

The following report was initially revealed 5 years in the past on…

WWE Smackdown evaluate
February 14, 2014
Taped 2/11/14 in Ontario, Calif.
Aired on SyFy
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @gregmparks)

– WWE Open.

– Smackdown Open.

– A lot of fireworks shot off inside the world in Ontario. Michael Cole proclaimed it a bought-out crowd, one that may witness Randy Orton vs. Cesaro (who misplaced the “Antonio” in his identify).


It was announced that Sheamus takes on Randy Orton on Raw Monday night time. As Seth Rollins and Christian began things off, Cole again referred to as Rollins “the architect of The Shield” whereas once again failing to elucidate what that is imagined to mean. Sheamus faced off towards Roman Reigns, and it was positioned as an enormous deal. Sheamus gained a battle of proper palms and made the primary cover of the match, for a two-rely. Large pop for Daniel Bryan tagging in and hitting his signature strikes on Dean Ambrose. There was a stand-off between the 2 teams within the ring. Because the referee attempted to restore order, the show went to interrupt at three:23 of the match.

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Again at 6:14 with Bryan creating separation from Rollins enough to make a tag to Sheamus. Sheamus pounded on the chest of Rollins together with his forearms, though by virtue of his ring gear, Rollins is properly-padded in that area. Ultimately, Sheamus was worn down by the frequent tags of The Shield. Reigns made the mistake of taunting Christian, who was on the apron, leading to Sheamus giving Reigns the Irish Curse back-breaker. Christian acquired the recent tag (now all three babyfaces have made that tag and had the opportunity to shine) and labored over Ambrose. Tornado DDT by Christian, with a pin broken up by the other two Shield members. Bryan kicked at the chest of Rollins and Reigns, but hopped right up onto the shoulders of Reigns. As an alternative of a powerbomb, although, Bryan’s hurricanrana despatched Reigns out of the ring. After a flurry of action that concerned all six males, Sheamus by chance Brogue Kicked Christian when Ambrose moved. Reigns speared Sheamus and Ambrose pinned Christian.

WINNERS: The Shield, at 12:39. Strong, if predictable, six-man tag match. The finish was nicely-achieved, though.

Elements of the finishing sequence have been replayed.

– Vickie Guerrero was on the telephone backstage, not-so-subtlely plugging the WWE Network. Zeb Colter walked in and gave Vickie a heart-shaped field of goodies for Valentine’s Day. Vickie was grateful at first, but then turned suspicious. Colter stated he already had one Real American in a title match (Cesaro), and needed a title match for his different man, Jack Swagger. Vickie stated Jack Swagger might challenge for the Intercontinental Title towards Huge E. Langston if he can beat Rey Mysterio. Colter was confident, however Vickie made the qualifying match a 4-method, also involving Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry. And it’s tonight.

– Additionally tonight, an eight-man tag match with The Usos teaming with Cody Rhodes & Goldust to take on Rybaxel and the New Age Outlaws.

– The latest inductee into the 2014 WWE Hall-of-Fame is subsequent.

[Commercial Break]

– In a fast vignette, Natalya wished everybody a cheerful Valentine’s Day.

– Byron Saxton was backstage with Cesaro. Cesaro stated nobody thinks he can win on the Elimination Chamber. Tonight, he’ll beat Randy Orton to prove that not only can he win the WWE World Title, but he will.

– JBL and Cole have been shown on-digital camera, and Cole brought up his weekly interview with Triple H. Cole stated Triple H introduced that the WWE Corridor-of-Fame ceremony might be carried in its entirety on the WWE Community on April fifth. Gutsy transfer by WWE. The video package deal for the newest Corridor-of-Fame inductee, Lita, was proven.

– Entrances began for the Deadly Four-Method to decide the #1 contender to the I.C. Title. Mark Henry was out first, adopted by Rey Mysterio. They went to interrupt during Rey’s entrance.

[Commercial Break]

– A video package deal aired on WWE constructing a playground for an elementary faculty in New Orleans during Wrestlemania week.


Massive E. was at ringside on commentary. No entrances for Swagger or Kingston out of break. A double dropkick by Kofi and Rey felled Henry. The excessive-flying babyfaces had a stand-off and briefly went at it. Leaping back elbow (obviously not getting the standard peak on it) obtained a near-fall for Kofi. Roll by way of and a kick to the top by Rey for 2. Swagger tripped up Mysterio as a light-weight “we the people” chant began up. Kofi somersaulted excessive and onto Swagger at ringside. Rey jumped off the apron and sat on Kofi with a seated senton. Henry, together with his left arm still wrapped, surveyed the injury and hit the other rope as if he was going to jump onto the gathering at ringside. Swagger entered the ring to be sure that didn’t happen. Swagger and Mysterio went at it in the ring. Kingston broke up a pin by Mysterio. Mysterio missed a shoulder cost within the nook, as an alternative discovering only the cold, unforgiving steel submit. Growth Drop by Kingston on Swagger. He went to the top, by Swagger met him there and tried for a suplex off the highest, but Henry grabbed him and powerbombed him. Kofi stayed seated on the highest rope. All 4 males went at it, with Swagger making use of the Patriot Lock to Henry. Henry powered out. Mysterio gave Henry a 619 to the intestine and Kingston gave Henry Hassle in Paradise. Double German suplex by Swagger, who held onto Kingston, who had maintain of Mysterio. Rey arrange for a 619 on Swagger, but Kofi gave him Hassle in Paradise. Kofi tried to flip himself back into the ring from the apron, but Swagger grabbed him by the ankle. Swagger countered and Kofi went for his finish, but Swagger caught him with the Patriot Lock, again, for the tap-out win.

WINNER: Swagger, by way of submission, at 8:31. This pushed the bounds of how lengthy a TV match can go nowadays with out being interrupted for a business. It made sense for the only heel within the match to go on to face the babyface champion, but I assumed Swagger’s dropping streak gimmick would lead to his dismissal from the Actual People.

A replay of a few of the major moments in the match was shown.

– The Bella Twins gave out Valentine’s Day needs.

– Up next, clips of Raw is Betty (White).

[Commercial Break]

– The Raw Rebound aired. It was targeted utterly on Betty White’s appearance. Anyone who didn’t watch Uncooked this previous Monday will assume, based mostly on this, that they missed completely nothing essential.

– Dangerous News Barrett and his rising podium (now wanting more professional as an alternative of simply coated in black) joined us. He ripped on Valentine’s Day with some dangerous information: American ladies will gorge themselves on candy and candies. And within the morning, they’ll be ashamed at what they see. Whew, I’m glad us males acquired a move from Barrett there.

– A graphic helpfully showed Orton’s path to the Elimination Chamber and how he has fared in every match in the gauntlet up so far.

– Orton vs. Cesaro continues to be to return tonight.

– Goldust & Cody Rhodes got here to the ring for his or her eight-man tag match. It’s subsequent.

[Commercial Break]

– A.J. Lee does not like Valentine’s Day. She seemed content to rejoice together with her Divas Championship.


When Rybaxel came to the ring, we saw The Usos defeating that group on Uncooked. Oh, and Billy Gunn operating to the back holding his rear. Cody Rhodes raged a bit on the Street Dogg when he had the chance. Roll-up out of the nook for two. Double-group by The Usos, resulting in a two-rely. Leap-frog by Axel, adopted by a dropkick on Jey. Axel caught his knee into the face of Jey within the nook. Ryback acquired some fairly good heel heat when he entered, however it might’ve been simply from the audio sweetener. Jey and Ryback traded chops, leading to Ryback slamming him. They went to interrupt at 5:25 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Jey Uso broke away from Ryback as the show came back, 8:56 into the match. Gunn slowly worked over Jey in the corner as the gang chanted for Goldust. Each males made sluggish crawls to their respective corners, with Jimmy and Street Dogg coming in. Jimmy knocked Axel and Ryback off the apron along with taking down Street Dogg. Butt splashes to each Gunn and Dogg. The match broke down, as is custom, with everyone getting involved and hitting high-influence moves on the surface. Stereo superkicks by the Usos. Jey dove onto the heels outdoors the ring, and Jimmy splashed Street Dogg off the highest within the ring to get the pinfall win.

WINNERS: The Usos, Goldust, and Rhodes, at 11:52. The Outlaws tag title reign is sensible if they’re solely a conduit to maneuver the belts from Goldust and Rhodes to The Usos. It appears as if that’s the case.

– Renee Young was backstage with Randy Orton. Orton stated he doesn’t assume he’s been treated unfairly, because The Authority has all the time handled him pretty. Yeah, until next week, when he comes out to complain about The Authority. Once more. Orton stated tonight, Cesaro will get the Viper, because that’s what The Authority needs.

[Commercial Break]

– A pre-taped vignette aired with Lana and Alexander Ruseve. In case you have been wondering, Rusev was not in WWE to make buddies.


Titus O’Neil had joined the announcers on commentary. Titus gave Cole Tic-Tacs for Valentine’s Day. They confirmed O’Neil turning on Young two weeks in the past, as well as Younger attacking O’Neil backstage last week. O’Neil made fun of Young’s haircut, saying Young’s 5-yr-previous nephew minimize it. Younger clotheslined Sandow over the top rope and to ringside, right in front of the announcers. Younger jawed with O’Neil, opening the door for Sandow to take over on offense. Sandow set up for his finisher, however Younger rolled him right into a pinning predicament, choosing up the surprise win.

WINNER: Younger, at 1:10. Fast, however it worked to proceed a reasonably promising mid-card feud.

O’Neil attacked Younger after the match, with Younger getting the higher-hand and ultimately ripping the pants of O’Neil’s very expense go well with.

– The Bellas, as flight attendants, prepped fans for the WWE Network in the identical video that aired Monday night time. Cole then listed a number of details concerning the launch of the Network.

– Tonight, Orton vs. Cesaro in Orton’s persevering with gauntlet.

– Fandango came to the ring. He faces The Miz subsequent.

[Commercial Break]

– The Nice Khali stated…something…presumably about Valentine’s Day.


A dropkick to the knee by Miz despatched Fandango flying. Miz hit the ropes, but Fandango caught him with a clothesline. Dropkick by Fandango for 2 at 1:28. Miz made his comeback, including a neck-breaker, but chose not to go for a cover. Fandango prevented a determine-four, however then Santino Marella’s music played, and he and Emma got here out. Emma energy-walked with Santino to the ring. Summer time Rae tried to admonish the duo, but Emma simply laughed. Summer time poked Emma in the chest, so Emma shoved her. After a slap by Summer time, the 2 brawled at ringside. Santino popped Fandango in the throat with the Cobra when Fandango tried to become involved (the ref’s consideration was diverted), and The Miz hit the Cranium-Crushing Finale for the win.

WINNER: Miz, at three:45. This match was labored extremely frivolously in a number of totally different spots.

– This week’s Black History Month video was on Bobo Brazil.

– Cesaro and Zeb Colter came to the ring for the primary occasion. They aired a couple of glowing comments Triple H made in his interview on Cesaro. The match towards Orton is next.

[Commercial Break]


Quick roll-up for one by Cesaro, just seven seconds in. After a failed roll-up try by Orton, he bailed. Cesaro did some mat wrestling with Orton, then picked him up and intestine-wrenched him to the mat for 2 at 1:21. Orton took control back by beating up Cesaro outdoors the ring. Orton left his foe out there while he posed contained in the ring as they went to break at 2:49.

[Commercial Break]

The match returned, 5:45 into it. Orton was nonetheless working over Cesaro outdoors the ring. Cesaro was sent head-first into the announce table. Orton and Cesaro traded European uppercuts, and with Cesaro, that’s simply not a battle you’re going to win. Rope-assisted DDT was countered by Cesaro into the Big Swing. But Orton made the ropes to drive a break. Cesaro did it moments later, anyway. The crowd was really behind Cesaro. Orton’s equilibrium appeared off after the swing. After Cesaro landed on his ft on a back-drop attempt (fairly a sight for a person Cesaro’s measurement), Orton powerslammed Cesaro for two. Vintage Orton DDT. Orton prepped for the RKO, but Cesaro gave him an uppercut to the again of the top. He tossed Orton into the air, catching him with an uppercut on the best way down for a really near-fall. Orton tried a prime-rope suplex, however Cesaro gave him a sunset powerbomb. That led to the Neutralizer, and a victory for Cesaro.

WINNER: Cesaro, at 13:19.

After replays of the match, Cesaro Pointed to the Sign and celebrated within the ring together with his manager.

Greg Parks has been overlaying WWE Smackdown for since January of 2007. He’s the host of “Moonlighting with Greg Parks,” a PWTorch VIP-exclusive audio show posted each weekend. Comply with him on Twitter @gregmparks for reside Tweeting throughout Raw, Influence, and PPVs, as well as other bits of knowledge. Feedback, questions and suggestions are welcome, and could be despatched to [email protected]

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