5 Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Venues

Selecting your venue is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make regarding your wedding planning. Following are some tips for you that should help you in making this very important decision. Of course if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know using the contact information below!

1) Visit the website:
The website should feature photography that shows the venue both inside and outside. Additional information including Menus and pricing should be available. And, of course, a contact form will enable you to find our more information. If they respond promptly, that’s a good start!

2) Visit the venue:
After you’ve made contact, you should receive a personal tour from the venue representative. Your should get more information about menu selections, linens, dinnerware, and the space itself, including ballroom, reception area, private dressing rooms, and outside accommodations. Also, make sure the venue can handle your guest count. If you plan on the ceremony being held at the venue, this of course will be important!

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3) Location, Location, Location:
For many couples, it’s important that the location they select is easy for the majority of guests to get to. Ideally it’s a central location to most of your guests and that it’s easy to get there regarding driving and traffic conditions. If the drive is more than two hours for some guests, be sure to provide them with local hotels so they can make accommodations.

4) The importance of rapport.
While you may love the venue and want to have your wedding there, it’s also very important for you to like the representative(s). Do they inspire trust and confidence? Are they warm and enthusiastic? Are they responsive to your needs and offer sound advice? Don’t be afraid to discuss your feelings and concerns – as professionals, they’ll be able to guide you to ensure the most special day of your life.

5) Lock in your date and price:
The best and most popular venues go quick: bring a checkbook or credit card in case you love the venue, because the more attractive ones book a year to 18 months in advance. You can ask the representative regarding more cost-efficient ideas: for instance many venues offer savings on Fridays. Also, you’ll need to sign a contract, so make sure all your questions are answered and costs are agreed to so there are no surprises later on.