4 Ways to Save Money in Pokémon Go World

The Augmented Reality (AR) game of Pokémon Go created a sensation on its release in July 2016. By the end of the year, this mobile game had over 500 million downloads worldwide. This game is developed and published by Niantic, and currently, Pokemon Go has crossed the mark 1billion downloads globally.

People are obsessed with the game, and it is of no surprise. A vast majority of us grew up watching the marvelous journey of Ash Ketchum in a world where capturing, befriending and participating in Pokémon contests was a daily affair. The cartoon was such a hit that, several Pokémons and especially Pikachu printed goodies were everywhere to be seen, on cards, on fancy stationaries and T-shirts, you name it!

I could not hold my expectation and excitement on the release of the game. I tried searching for Pokémon every time I went to a new place, and the game kept getting interesting with each Pokémon Go update.

Pokémon Go has an in-game currency which is called PokeCoins. You can use Pokecoins to make any in-game purchase. You will get 100 PokeCoins on spending $0.99 and 145000 PokeCoins on a payment of $99.99. With PokeCoins you can buy lure models, incense bags, bag updates, and several other items that will make capturing Pokémons super easy.

Currently, I have reached level 15 and have 67 Pokémons! To reach here, you don’t really need to spend an insane amount on the Pokemon Go plus device or buy PokeCoins with real money, you can easily reach this level and travel beyond it with a few smart ways. I’ll tell you how I did it.

First things first, throw the concept of spending unnecessary money on ‘Pokémon Go’ out of the window. All that this game requires is some smart techniques and your will to ”catch-em-all”. Here are some of the ways to save money while playing Pokémon Go: –

Use Pokémon Go Promo Codes

How about getting Pokémon Go coins free? Yes, using promo codes is one way to gain access to the PokeCoins without paying any real money. By using these coupon codes, you can not only get PokeCoins but also have free items that are necessary for rapid advancement in your game. You can check out the Pokémon Go promo code list here: –

Find More PokeStops

PokeStops are indicated by blue cubes that turn into a Pokeball in blue in the gameplay. At PokeStops you can get free items that you would have had to buy otherwise. In PokeStops, you can get free items like Pokeballs, egg incubator, lures, lucky eggs, etc. for free, and hence this is one of the best ways to accelerate your gameplay. Though it takes some time to find a PokeStop, still I would advise you to find these stops, instead of making your wallet lighter.

Nobody in the history of Pokémon Go found anything by laying on a couch all day, and you can be certain that you won’t find anything either. The best way to find PokeStops is to visit places of tourist interest or public parks. Another way to spot the ‘free-goodie-giving-hubs’ is to find Pokémon through Google Maps. You can locate the closest places to you where PokeStops are located and avail a cost-friendly ride to get there to enjoy necessary Pokémon items for free.

Stop for Free Lures

Instead of spending actual money in lures, you can search them out. You can only use a lure when you are at a PokeStop. These are very powerful items in the Pokémon Go game as they help you catch Pokémons easily. However, you must not think that a Pokémon will approach you with a ‘ Catch Me’ placard while you are at a Lure, you still have to capture them.

Lures can be used for up to 30 minutes. One slight downside of lures is that, often common types of Pokémons will come to you there. However, you can still capture them to increase your XP and level up!

Discounts on Cheap Food & Drinks

The effects of Pokémon Go has transcended beyond the realm of the virtual world, its impact is pretty much felt in the real world too. Various restaurants in different parts of the globe have created poke-special menus for Pokémon Go players.

For instance, if a PokeStop is located near a restaurant, that restaurant owner gives a special discount to Pokémon Go players, various restaurants offer an increased rate of discount to players who share their Pokémon capturing experience at a particular food & beverage joint on social media. This way, the restaurant owner makes more money with the increase of Pokémon Go players stopping for PokeStops at the restaurant; and players actually saves money on food and drinks by availing discounts offered to them for playing Pokémon Go.

To Pokémon lovers and Pokémon Go players, I wish you all the luck and hope to meet you in the virtual world of Pokémons sometime soon.