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20 Common Healthy Food Myths That You Probably Believed

20 Common Healthy Food Myths That You Probably Believed

Loads of the belongings you thought have been true about maintaining a healthy diet truly won’t be

It’s an entire new yr, and whereas studying this, you might have already got a couple of New Yr’s resolutions in thoughts, considered one of which is “eat healthier.” If that is so, you’re in luck, as a result of we determined to shed some mild on 20 pretty prevalent meals myths on the web so that you don’t need to do all the painful work of filtering out the false-information your self.

1. Vitamin C retains you from catching a chilly

©LOGGA WIGGLER | PexelsVitamin C is a nutrient that your physique makes use of to take care of bones, muscle tissue, and blood vessels. Human our bodies don’t produce vitamin C, however you possibly can all the time get it from weight loss plan, typically from citrus fruits, berries, and inexperienced greens. Though vitamin C is usually touted as efficient at stopping widespread colds and featured in numerous immune-boosting dietary supplements, researchers discover little to no profit to utilizing vitamin C to shorten or forestall colds.

2. Eat many mini meals as an alternative of three huge meals

©KAROLINA | Pexels

Some weight-loss dieters consider that consuming frequent, smaller meals all through the day hurries up metabolism and burns extra energy. Nevertheless, the frequent consuming mannequin isn’t superior to the normal three squares strategy when it comes to metabolism fee. A 2013 research discovered that there was no vital distinction in metabolism when evaluating individuals who had six mini meals with those that ate three common meals. To not point out that when individuals eat smaller meals, they’re extra more likely to be hungrier and overeat.

three. Drink a number of ice water to drop extra pounds


The assumption that consuming ice water to reduce weight is predicated on the concept your physique makes use of additional power to convey the water as much as its personal temperature, thereby burning extra energy. Technically, that is true, however the impression is simply too insignificant to have an effect on weight reduction. Analysis suggests that every cup of ice water you drink burns about four to 7 energy, primarily the identical as a single M&M sweet or chocolate peanut. That being stated, consuming ice water can nonetheless maintain you from overheating throughout train and assist you shortly re-hydrate after a exercise session.

four. Uncooked carrots are extra nutritious than cooked

©KJEKOL | iStock

Opposite to widespread perception, cooked carrots are literally extra nutritious than uncooked. When carrots are cooked or processed, robust mobile partitions are damaged down, making beta-carotene extra out there. The identical rule applies for tomatoes, too.  Tomato merchandise corresponding to sauce, paste, or juice include as much as 10 occasions as a lot obtainable lycopene as recent tomatoes.

5. Drink food regimen soda to drop a few pounds

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Food regimen soda makes use of synthetic sweeteners as an alternative to sugar. This sugarless sweetness causes your pancreas to create insulin, a hormone that principally tells your physique it’s time to course of some sugar. Since there isn’t any sugar to course of, although, your physique will crave it for the sake of utilizing up the insulin. So, you find yourself consuming extra, thus ruining your weight reduction effort.

6. Carrots enhance your eyesight


The parable that consuming carrots improves your imaginative and prescient originated from WWII propaganda. In the course of the Battle of Britain, British Royal Air Pressure claimed that its elite pilots have been capable of convey down German bombers at night time as a result of a gentle consumption of carrots improved their night time imaginative and prescient. The truth is, the RAF pilots might simply find enemy plane at the hours of darkness as a result of they have been using airborne radar, which was stored a secret from the Germans. The propaganda was so successful that folks nonetheless consider it immediately.

7. Nuts are junk meals

©LILECHKA75 | iStock

It’s true that nuts include a comparatively excessive variety of energy per unit weight. However this doesn’t imply nuts can’t be part of your nutritious diet. They include excessive quantities of protein and monounsaturated fat which are good for coronary heart well being. For example, almonds include 6 grams of protein and 14 grams of wholesome fats per ounce. Consuming uncooked or dry-roasted nuts tends to be more healthy than consuming nuts packaged in oil, which may include extra unhealthy fats.

Eight. Frozen and canned fruit and veggies are much less nutritious than recent ones

©BRAVISSIMOS | Shutterstock

This can be true in the event you develop and harvest fruit and veggies by yourself. However the meals you discover within the produce part have typically spent days and even weeks in delivery and storage, throughout which era it’s pure for them to lose vitamins. Against this, fruit and veggies which might be canned or frozen are processed instantly after harvesting at their peak freshness, so the losses of vitamin and mineral content material could be lowered to minimal.

9. It takes years to digest chewing gum


You don’t should panic when your child by chance swallow a bit gum. In relation to the human digestive system, gum doesn’t require particular remedy; it is going to be damaged down into items identical to some other meals. No matter can’t be digested will transfer via the digestive tract and find yourself within the toilet.

10. A nightcap helps you sleep higher


The follow of getting a small alcoholic drink earlier than mattress with a purpose to sleep tight has been round for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, a earlier research that concerned 500 individuals suggests that a fast drink earlier than mattress does actually get you to sleep quicker however might ultimately damage your sleep. These members who drank, regardless of the quantity, fell asleep quicker and spent extra time in a deep sleep for the primary half of the night time. Nevertheless, because the night time progressed and the alcohol began to kick in, they awoke extra steadily, experiencing elevated sleep disruption.

11. Eat low-fat model of meals to drop some pounds

©KRISTIAN DOWLING | Getty Photographs

Low-fat doesn’t essentially imply more healthy. A “low-fat” label is definitely extra more likely to lead shoppers to overeat. A 2016 analysis exhibits that folks are likely to eat extra once they know they’re consuming a meals that’s low-fat. On prime of that, low-fat meals are sometimes larger in sugar than their full-fat equivalents, as a result of when meals manufactures take away fats, they like to make use of sugar to “fix” the misplaced taste.

12. Brown sugar is more healthy than white sugar


Have you ever ever changed refined white sugar in your buying cart with uncooked, brown sugar, considering you introduced your loved ones one thing more healthy? I’ve, I admit. However right here’s the not-so-sweet fact: with regards to well being, sugar is sugar. Principally, brown sugar is uncooked sugarcane that has solely been refined as soon as, which accommodates 5 to 10 % molasses. Whenever you repeatedly refine brown sugar to take away all the remaining molasses, you’ll get white sugar. So, the one distinction between the 2 is the colour and that molasses taste. Whether or not you select brown sugar or white doesn’t actually make a lot totally different healthwise.

13. Eight glasses of water a day is sweet on your well being


Let’s put it merely: you don’t actually need to abide the Eight-cup-a-day rule. As an alternative, simply drink if you end up thirsty. The variety of glasses of water that one wants to remain wholesome and hydrated differs from individual to individual, relying on age, setting, weight loss plan, general well being situation, and lots of different elements. There’s hardly one commonplace that applies to each human on earth. Drink everytime you really feel it’s essential to and that’ll be satisfactory.

14. “Beer before wine makes you feel fine”

©MEHRANBAB | Pixabay

You might have heard the saying, “Wine before beer, makes you feel queer; beer before wine, you’ll be fine.” There are lot of issues that contribute to hangover, however the common rule of thumb is that the extra you drink and the quicker you drink, the more severe your hangover might be. It’s the amount that issues, not the order. That being stated, mixing drinks nonetheless won’t be an excellent concept. Analysis means that when switching between drinks, individuals are extra more likely to lose monitor on what number of of every sort of drink they’ve had and find yourself consuming greater than they will deal with. So, wine earlier than beer might make you are feeling queer, however no: beer earlier than wine gained’t essentially depart you feeling positive.

15. Consuming milk makes bones stronger

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People want calcium and vitamin D to construct robust bones, and milk is wealthy in each. Sadly, consuming milk doesn’t truly seem to decrease the danger of bone fracture. A Harvard research that concerned greater than 330,000 individuals discovered that those that drank one glass of milk per week weren’t extra more likely to break a hip or forearm than those that drank two or extra glasses per week. One other research additionally confirmed no proof that consuming extra milk as youngsters lowers danger of hip fracture in later grownup years. In case your aim is to stop bone fractures, milk alone doesn’t appear to be sufficient, although you possibly can complement your food plan with different meals reminiscent of soybeans, almonds, salmons, and sardines to satisfy your calcium and vitamin D wants.

16. Completely wash uncooked meat earlier than cooking to remove micro organism

©RITAE | Pixabay

It’s truly really helpful by america Division of Agriculture that you simply don’t wash your meat earlier than cooking it. Whereas some micro organism can’t be merely washed off regardless of how arduous you attempt, some micro organism might find yourself moving into your sink, onto different meals, or onto your personal physique. So long as you prepare dinner the meat or poultry to the suitable temperature, all of the micro organism will die, so that you don’t actually should danger contamination by washing it.

17. Sea salt is more healthy than desk salt


Once you evaporate water from ocean or saltwater lakes, you’ll get sea salt, which often undergoes little processing and leaves behind some minerals that add colour and taste. Desk salt, then again, is mined from underground salt deposits and is then closely refined so it’s simpler to make use of in cooking. When it comes to dietary worth, there’s no huge distinction between the 2. By weight, they include the identical proportion of sodium. You don’t have to modify to sea salt for that minute improve of minerals, which might be simply obtained from different meals.

18. Brown eggs are more healthy than white eggs

©IVABALK | Pixabay

The colour of an egg will depend on the breed of the egg-laying hen. White Leghorns lay white eggs and Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires, and Plymouth Rocks are brown-egg layers. It’s true that a hen that lives in a extra snug setting and eats a more healthy food plan will lay extra nutritious eggs, however assuming the chickens’ dwelling circumstances and diets are the identical, brown eggs and white eggs are equally nutritious. The colour of an egg’s shell doesn’t have a lot to do with how wholesome it’s.

19. Consuming late at night time makes you achieve weight


The piece of weight-reduction plan recommendation “don’t eat after (blank) pm” has been round for some time. However a calorie is a calorie, which may’t inform time and doesn’t add additional kilos simply to punish you for having a late-night snack. Your physique burns energy 24/7, even whenever you’re asleep, so although it’s advisable to eat dinner a number of hours earlier than bedtime to permit the physique to digest the meals, and to make it the smallest meal of the day (in response to the UAMS Weight Loss Clinic), it’s the complete quantity of energy that you simply eat that issues greater than when they’re eaten. Any additional energy above what you want might find yourself being saved as fats—whether or not it’s a morning deal with or a midnight snack.

20. Feed a chilly, starve a fever

©MANUEL-F-O | iStock

The thought of “starving a fever” dates again to the late Medieval period, when individuals believed that fasting might calm down the overheated physique. Medieval individuals additionally blamed colds for low physique temperatures, subsequently believing that consuming extra meals would assist the physique regain heat. The previous knowledge is partially proper. Whether or not it’s a chilly or a fever your physique is preventing—ravenous isn’t an choice. Fevers elevating physique temperature means your immune system is making an attempt actually onerous to beat an infection. Such battles could be very energy-demanding, so taking in energy turns into essential. You may also have to drink a variety of water to re-hydrate your system.